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135. Suffragette Transparency

Posted on: August 1st, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Sage Emily Davison has accused me of having a clandestine affair with a famous suffragette; he has accused my good self of pushing one of those dear ladies’ under King George V’s horse Anmer at the Epsom Derby, well my dears Sage has made another one of his gross misdemeanours, the truth is it was not I behind the celebrated Emily Davison, it was a Crabtree Smythe look alike. Now I was having relations at the time with the fine poet Emily Dickinson, so you can see where the confusion lies. Again Sage you have jumped to conclusions and I really am loathed to say this but I will now clear up any falsehoods perpetuated by the overzealous Sage Mackorkadale because I think the world should know who pushed Emily Davison under the King’s horse on that fateful day,

Because we need transparency and I am going to give you bloody transparencies Sage for I have had the wonderful East End photography hero David Bailey on the case. Yes and he has blown up the picture of the sad incident at the Epson Derby all those years ago on June 4th 1913 , and it will surprise you to see a man dressed in shorts wearing a bow tie pushing the said lady, and yes that man looks a lot like you Sage, trying to look like me. Now I have made subsequent enquires, and it would appear that your great grandfather Farson Mackorkadale was at the races that day, what do you think of that Sage? You have a killer in the ranks, yes you ‘the all clean’ Mackorkadale have a grandfather who is bang to rights! The anti Suffragette the famed Farson Mackorkadale, what a bastard.

All I Can say to that Sage is,“hello Sailor or sailor beware what you look for in the dark closest of history, your unholy past is catching up with you”, but in a way Sage that darkness is beguiling, it makes you seem a little less grey, a little less John Major and a bit more Max Mosley so keep digging sailor boy keep digging ! And on that note I have to bring this series of memoirs to an end thanks for joining us here at the podcast and here is to the future. Wishing you all well, see you soon, god speed (whatever that means) and never mind the bollocks. To quote my good friend Jeffrey Bernard “life goes on, what ever anybody says to the contrary!”

We have hit Peek Oil …………Shit ………. Well that is the end of that then……….. No don’t worry we will nick it off the Muslims….. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh……….. see you soon good people from all at The Colonels Radio show..2011………And don’t you worry I will be having words with Sage soon enough….

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