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142. Crumbs of Crowley

Posted on: December 18th, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 1 Comment

Hello aleister crowleyand welcome toss posts and Barclays bankers alike, and now straight to the point for we dont have time for procrastination and pleasantries. These are serious times my good people! The dark forces are on the move the sinister ones are on the rise! Why? How? When you may ask? Well my little lemon drops Sage has been getting himself involved in the dark arts ! Yes ! As usual Sage has a scrapgoat for his misdemeanours and cretinish behaviour, “oh its not my fault Jock Strap Spalding got shot, it’s Aleister Crowley’s!” Sage could be heard to say in the green room after the most unfortunate incident went down! That being the shooting of the said Jock Strap Spalding!

Typical bloody Sage never willing to take one for the team he is such a coward , he never stands for what he believes or what he feels, he is always someone who will jump into the flow so as not to ruffle any feathers or rock any boats. He is too weak to swim upstream,too scared to take the risk for fear of castigation or assassination.

Sage is a scaredy cat ladies and gentlemen. He would rather appease a dictator than to face him down like he were in a rugby scrum, grab the fucker by the balls and drive, crush the enemy into the mud… taking his bollocks with him!

He is the sort of person that would have spoken out against the Nazi party but as soon as they knock on his door he would come out saluting and praising the great leader.  Anything for the easy life. Sage would be the first to slide on a pair of jack boots and black leather gloves and go out on a march as long as it would keep him alive. Then he would tell you it’s all a fabrication, a ruse, a hoax that it was subterfuge if you like, so as to get on the inside of the system and break things up from the within! Utter bollocks Sage… you blame Crowley and the Free Masons for anything negative that occurs in your day today and I for one have had enough of your tomfoolery and limp wristed hand shakes, jerkoffism, and flip flopism. I ask – can not Aleister Crowley rest in peace without halfwits like you sluring and sullying his memory. I hope you’re proud of what you have done Sage, dragging his memory through the mud like that! I hope you’re fucking proud!

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