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154. Egging The Omlette

Posted on: October 28th, 2012 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Stylized Debauchery/ Will They Ever Stop Sucking On Legions Honey Covered Bollock?

How can you not believe in a them and us society?As you watch them divvy up the crumbs of sordid crust as they masturbate into rivers of illegitimate pools of ego driven sentimentality.

You have Mr Fry’s articulate rotund Ox-bridge embellishments squeezing his guilt ridden tea bag for all its worth.

All this while mega minded fuck wits like Davina and Garry finger their already over worked egos with adverts for crisps and hair care products.

When is enough enough? You dumb fucks!

But these people are so nice,so nice,so nice

as they suck on the pimple on the ball sac of the corporate empire.

Dont you hate the word “nice” and them of course.

As they smile and spout their evangelical falsehoods

Like it was a Little Britain sickie joke.

All this motivated by the fear of truth itself,but of course they the so called illuminates will keep giving out prizes.With the promise of a house on the hill and a seat at the top table,leaving its maggot infested remnants for the masses to bath in!

Will they ever stop sucking on Legions honey covered bollock?Such Stylized debauchery! Its all there”before your very eyes!” (Thanks Arthur).

Its the party hat syndrome, put on the complete disguise and pretend your having fun.Its an instant personality transplant before your very eyes.

If this is fun? Then shoot me! Please, please, shoot me dead,or take me to a cricket match and dress me up as Ted,then maybe I can catch a six in flight and perhaps then my fame would spread!

When did this happen? This death house rumble,this need for notoriety in all its forms,when did it become the fashion? When did Fry become a national treasure?And the likes of Davina and co the ones to watch these embellisher’s of mediocrity.Maybe they came to show us the true face of human kind,fame at all costs!

It’s the house that Jack built,we must be gods joke, I hope so,If not we are all fucked.You can intellectualise all you want Mr Fry but being a friend of Hitchens,(such a hubris kind) does not exempt you from the dark corridors of those who prostitute themselves,those who sell their already oversold ass holes those who continue to sell “their bottoms” as you might say when they have all the pennies they need anyway.

You are the Nazi prison guard sliding food under the door in a death camp even though you know the gassing is coming first thing after tea time!

I am sure that I shall not get a ride in your taxi big man,I heard you call yourself a whore once, I know that was your whimsical protective mechanism at work, but I wasn`t laughing as you perpetuate this holocaust this corporate raping, this white man thinking!

Cuthbert Crabtree Smythe,skint. (well not really)

I would be anyway because I am preserving my arse for posterity or post mortem, at least if I am punctured then I wont have any say in the matter!

Will they ever stop sucking on Legions honey covered bollock?

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