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156. The Maiden Tribute Of Modern Babylon….

Posted on: November 26th, 2012 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Welcome to dark side of the moon, adolf-hitler-pantsof human nature and need,welcome to the world of Crowley, Manson, Saville, Glitter and the Illuminati. It is darkness personified, it’s the hound of the Baskervilles, it’s Jack in ripping posture and Sutcliffe with tool kit. It is the Nazi prison guard, it is the Israeli bombing strikes upon Gaza (and what a player he was. Poor chap, has he not been through enough? What with the drink,drugs and marital problems). It’s the massacre at Amritsar or as the natives call it its the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. It’s Mandela being locked up for 27 years on Robben island, Muhammad Ali loosing his license to fight, it’s Guantanamo bay, the gulags, the concentration camps, it’s Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedong it’s Henry Kissinger and his crones it’s Alistair Campbell, it’s Bilderberg it’s the left the right and the fence sitters. It’s Hiroshima its Nagasaki (Is that where Saki comes from? That loverly Jap drink that reminds me of heady days in the war.) It’s the ripping up of of the Amazon rain forest any forest the poisoning of our water and fish. The destruction of the red man-all for economic gain. It’s the transatlantic slave trade. It’s Columbus, its rape pillage and murder.

It’s no free speech, no food, no welfare state, no national heath service, it’s elitism, it’s Etonism its divide and conquer it’s history run mad. It’s the Crimean war, its the first world war, the wars in the middle east. Oil wars, Gold wars, Silver wars, wars over slavery and land,wars to force Capitalism down the throats of those who have no need for the white world.

It’s the killing of wise men, shamans, holy men,great thinkers peaceful men the ungreedy. Its the killing of women and children. The sex trade, the selling of women and children, the dehumanisation of all people. H-bombs, napalm, heat seekers. Manipulating media moguls, drug wars, class wars, religious wars. Salman Rushdie in hiding Anne Frank doing the same. Killed for having an opinion or not.either way it’s all bullshit. It’s Ian Huntley, Myra Hindley, Simon Cowell, Adolf Eichmann, Ant and Dec, any one who works for the Tabloid press and in particular the Daily Mail and The Sun, Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Piers Morgan, it’s Rudolf Hess, it’s advertising executives it’s Joseph Goebbels its the Roman who speared the Christ, it’s property speculators, spivs in suits, bottom line seekers, bottom line feeders. It’s the usual suspects people and im not talking Kevin Spacey.

It’s an exhilarating mix the litany is endless and we all have our own but Saville is the one they are after he is to blame for all the world ills so they tell me. Now don’t get me wrong he is a vile man always was. I once saw him fisting a dead dog- Labrador I think. He told me he’d lost his key to the Broadmoor morgue and that he had to get his kick somewhere. If only I’d have reported him to the head-boy he would have been a lifer in the mental institution as supposed to just being on the visitors list, and on the strength of the Saville revelations I have thrown my Jim`ll Fix it badge into the Ohio River in protest.

I say thank the gods for William Thomas Stead and his act. I have to add that it was one hell of an act, edgy and crude at times but his pedophile material was real show stopping stuff and no one would want to follow him after he had received his applause, although I have to say he did not go down too well on the Titanic, he bombed, went down with the ship.

Which is a shame because he did a lot of good material about “Not fucking kids.” Fair play to the man I say he put his neck on the line and did good for the world. Like I say on our show if we had more men like William Thomas Stead the world would be a better place. Great man with a great act “The Stead act” as it was known in the corridors of power and i don’t think they were too keen!

As most men of the time (1885) used to like popping down to the East End of London for a youngster or two it was seen as normal practice pipe of opium and a under ager for afters, until Stead stepped in an sorted it all out-law wise at least. Only the likes of Saville & Glitter and of course the Pope set out to bismirch his work years later. I for one am tired of the whole sordid affair, human beings are a strange breed and a strange bunch.

Who was it that said “I am a human being, nothing human can be alien to me.” I think it was the wonderful Maya Angelou but then again what did she have under the bed saying things like that. But what I was thinking of was”I am a human being so i am capable of anything human!” I don’t know who said that but this is what i say “It’s easy to be a cunt its easy to be obnoxious cruel and unkind it’s easy to be destructive to take what doest belong be it land, sex, money, it’s easy to manipulate virtue,to give into base wants or needs,but (and this bit is Morrissey) it takes guts to be gentle and kind!”

So stop fucking children it’s only right you vile destructor’s of innocents and purity. The massacre of the innocents must stop- not mentioning any names-”King Herod”. But it wont-stop that is- the bombings will continue the rape will continue, the evictions off land as Oil companies and other corporations will share the spoils hovering over us like Saville with the horn on the prowl. It’s a disgusting thought but that is the image I have as the tribes of the Amazon are being fucked out of there land and culture. As poor people in our country who have nothing are being told they cant even have that. The Elite as Saville in that plot the poor are the ones being fucked and disenfranchised again.

Anyhow I’m off to the Coach and Horses for a little tipple and if I see any innocent tampering it’s pistols at dusk, none of this dawn crap I do have a life you know!

Dirty Lego

Why cant most people see their twisted need?
These fat cats that have an inbuilt need to rule,
So what do these people really think of the common man and woman?
As they sit at gross tables with retarded grins
and without substance or sensitivity they decide your fate!

If the shit hits the proverbial fan,will they be on the front-line?
No! They will go to their bolt holes and their castle keeps in the sun,
for there is no mythical round table my friends!
just alpha monkey minds living behind a mask of respectability
with their fat decrepit hands playing dirty Lego with your life.

They piece together a plastic edifice without foundation,
as said, its the alpha monkey mind, the need to dominate
yes,they exist in their high towers,we bow they feed.
So wake up! For their are no kings in this equation
its just a case of fools and more fools!
intellect without vision just builds up more walls.

So what have we got?

Boris, Dave and Nick
What have we had?
Churchill,Red Ken and Maggie,
Tony, Alistair, and Gordon. Really?
bunch of bastards one and all.
Enough said!

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