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165. Used Prophylactics in The Punch Bowl

Posted on: July 29th, 2013 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hello ladies and gentlemen I would really like to have a moan today but truth is we are as a nation are experiencing what can only be described as a heatwave and such occurrences cannot be taken for granted and must be enjoyed even if beneath the veneer of tropical weather the world is still a cesspit of devils that are running mad privatising all and sundry without guilt or concern for those that will suffer when the sun finally fucks off. Lobbyists run our country ladies and gentlefolk corporations decide whether or not poor people will receive legal aid or health care. Well come to think of it these fucks decide as to who eats and who dies as they murder in the name of progress the economy and profit but hey the sun is shining and its time to get a tan so who cares about the death of babies or the last throws of our wonderful NHS. So if that is the case I shall be going fishing with Ron and Sage. I can’t be sitting inside writing fucking memoirs that nobody ever fucking reads, I wish to lay prostrate fingering my prostate with rod in hand reeling in the odd tiddler while smoking a nice Cuban and drinking some Scotch with a nice Arab at my side for company.

So I will be cat napping up on the heath I shall be cat napping doing time
and I’ll do it in a minute if you don’t mind,
I’m cat napping there’s no red wine
I will get some in a minute and i will be fine.

It’s just my dreams talking
but I ain’t walking,
I’m just stalking life from a distant star
I’m cat napping I’m doing fine.

I will do it one day I know I will
Yes I will taste the wine of this life,
I will do it one day I will have my fill
But until then I’m just cat napping, doing time.

have a good weekend and don’t get burned prickly heat is a bitch……


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