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169. Wongaland

Posted on: December 15th, 2013 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hello boris johnson cartoonladies and gentleman as we enter the final stretch of the year without Mandelas compassionate hand to guide us all we are left with is a bunch of vile greedy fuckers who would and will turn every opportunity they see into a money making scheme, yes we are now left with vile politicians and leaders who have no real care for people. They will continue their assent without the good of peoples lives in mind as they jump on the bandwagon of a man who seemingly did give a shit about the masses. I am here to tell you that winter is coming in a Game of Thrones type way, and that the shit is about to hit the proverbial. Our own London Mayor has plans to have all London’s tube stations sponsored as he needs money to put his children through public school and university. I for one am here to tell you that if I have to catch a train from Mitsubishi Angel to McDonald’s Court Road that that will be the day I throw myself onto the track in protest. Knowing my luck however, I will be given a Kodak funeral and a Harrods cremation with my wake being sponsored by Jacobs crackers. It’s sickening people, utterly sickening that our leaders can sell off our land, our history so they can line their white scum bag pockets along with their posh twat friends.

The worst thing was I recently read in a popular paper of our day that our current Prime Minister has plans to change our Union Jack flag to the Wonga sponsored Wongajack. It is said that they hope to inspire the nation to get up of their bottoms and pull the country out of the current double dip and that Wonga is the only motivation people have in this crude vile corporate reality. It is the wild truths of Wonga.

Depression is the start of your body and soul rejecting this vile greedy operating system that does not put people first which we are all born into. I say embrace it let it wash over you then throw it off, free from the clutches of the cultural engineers who wish to use you, then kill you.

Privatisation overload in wongaland,
making money from the air we breathe in wongaland,
education ain’t free not in wongaland,
cos there is a price on you and me in wongaland

living here in wongaland
dying here in wongaland
in wongaland
in wongaland
Albion oh Albion

The devils crutch is here for all in wongaland
private health care they wear it well in wongaland
Gangsters in old school ties in wongaland
mummy cant feed her baby not in wongaland

Hear the death march rattle for you and me in wongaland
rent too much to bear in wongaland.

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