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180. Gaslighters

Posted on: August 29th, 2015 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

ToBabalon Working be gas lit is not much fun I must say, and in some cases one can feel humiliated used abused and now, once bitten twice as shy to engage with any agenda being sent down the line.Everything is gas lighting, manipulation and distraction, so let me say everything is a lie, the only truth is nature, anyone who tells you any different is your enemy.All answers can be and will be found in nature.Nature does not lie, it can not, for it is not in its nature.Nature just is, it does not gas light it has no agenda other than the law, it calls a spade a spade, it follows the cycles of the only law.Its ugly and destructive at times and yet beautiful and healing, but it is no hypocrite, life is violence, just look and listen to a birth.It can be cruel but then all of a sudden what ever was or is passes and we find ourselves further down the line at the beginning of another cycle or journey, shedding skin likes snakes of chance on the move.We all have a folk soul wherever you are from, our connection to nature.

I say pagans of the world unite, heathens rise up, its time to claim our true birthrights. We all hear the voices of our ancestors, our gods.Jehovah does not speak for me and I doubt he truly speaks for you.I am not from the dessert. I am from North Western Europe and my all father is Wodan. I talk to the elves to the Wights of the land, they guide me through thick and thin always have.

Point is I did tell Sage that the dessert teacher Jesus was a black man, or at least if not black he was certainly swarthy and born with sand up his foreskin.Which when all is said and said is why circumcision, genital mutilation was invented, relief from the sandy itch. I have a foreskin unlike the Jewish Sage and said skin is proof that I have no connection with the dessert Djinn and that my cock does not itch, although I have been to the desserts of Abe looking for the lost Jewish gold that no one seems to know hide nor hair.

This is by the by ladies and gentlemen, I am sure it will surface one of these days and I then will claim it, to build a new world free from guilt, original sin, envy, paranoia anxiety and pederasts and Savillites. I wish to rid the world of the tapestry of lies that had made us forget our true nature and hand ourselves over to illusion and slavery. I will give my own sermon, on Mount Pleasant just by the post office and opposite the now closed oldest fire station in London, soon to be home to more wankers of fate, hipsters and nob heads. I shall talk of ancient ways, the olde gods and goddesses and then we shall march on Babylon, ridding it and ourselves of its sinister vile infectious ways.Back to the olde way, with WiFi of course we are not barbarians.

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