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21. Cherie Blair

Posted on: March 17th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 1 Comment

Hello everyone, back again eh?
Yes it is good to be back, but I feel I must and so I will, say something about giving the backroom boys too much favour (that is Sage allowing). Well, he let Winston ban curry from our luncheon. This upset me on many levels-especially when Sage said it was for my own good… that they were protecting me from any flash backs that I may have encountered while eating the spicy food. Also it’s just not on to give any sort of power to lesser types such as Winston and Fay Featherlite. That’s not to say that I’m better than them it’s just that I am better than them in a Godly sense. And then for him (Sage that is) to attack Shilpa Shetty in the in the manner that he did… The fact is he called the dear women a Christmas pudding.
steve davisI don’t know what provoked such a mindless attack on Shetty by Sage but it was a harsh racial slur. God knows what he meant… It’s insane, the man is inane, insane and completely without scruples. Another point to consider is that I do believe he had sympathy with General George Dyer. Sage himself even admitted to upsetting people in the last show, he was even forced to apologize to Steve Davis for tasteless comments made about his lack of hair.I think that Sage has a thing going with regard his attitude toward the cue master that is Steve Davis. When I say this, I mean the thought strikes me that he is jealous of the redheads prowess with the opposite sex…It hit him hard when Steve took the flower grower Charlie Dimmock away from him. The truth is I have film footage of Steve potting his pink as the earthy Dimmock sat on the black ball and with her well known dynamic thrust. She swallowed it in an earthy fashion like a Thai frog lady in reverse. Yes a push shot of adequate consequence I suppose… Fashioned from Titchmarch tutoring ill be bound. For I know Alan is a fan of black ball tampering which is why Ainsley Harriot has banned him from his kitchen…cherie blair big mouth
Also I must say I have footage of the trick shot devil Davies potting all the red balls into Cherie Blair’s Mouth. A mammoth task for anyone but Cherie. Charlie managed the task without a stretch…
But anyway, moving on. Sage then went on to say that he sees me as a proud Englishman and I must say that I am. But I’m no nationalist. But then again those who land on our English soil should remember that it is the Christian values that our country is built on that allows Muslims, Scientologists, Atheists, Agnostics and the like to worship openly and freely on this green and pleasant land. The minorities of England should respect that… I mean we don’t kill people in this county for having different beliefs to ourselves but we do stab people for supporting a different football team to ourselves… A lot more civilized I say… A tribal act no less and by its very nature understandable. For if anything truly gets my blood boiling its those fucker wits of the White Heart Lane… I say keep that Zionist cockerel quiet…

But going back to the original point : I think ridding the world of reactionary idiots and extremists is not necessarily a bad thing even if that means that I become a reactionary idiot extremist myself but you see someone must get their hands dirty to make the world a better place. Yes rid the world of fucker wits… For in the main, most people are fucker wits and fucker wits bore me. They bore me with their retarded opinions and beliefs, fact…
I also remember that when I told Sage that our ex-Prime minister Blair was Herod in a previous life he scoffed and laughed at me like I was David Blaine in a box.

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  1. Why call Shilpa Christmas Pudding? Doesn’t sound like a racist remark to me though to be honest.

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