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72. The power of Alan Sugar

Posted on: February 26th, 2009 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 2 Comments

Alan Sugar with the ColonelSage panics whenever he feels Middle England will become offended and he has became so much worse since the sacking of Russell Brand and the suspension of Ross… that is why he wants me out of the way. He thinks I say provocative things, but it is he who is  the manipulator of the whole situation. He knows what he’s doing – he’s like that demon vermin Max Clifford – a slime a criminal worse than the snake in the garden of Eden. I mean, that Jewish powerhouse Alan Sugar is not a fan of the show because of Sage’s outbursts and then the man Mackorkadale has the audacity to blame me and gets away with it!… its all in the editing you see – something I have no control of. Sage keeps repeating the immortal words: ‘it’s a live show’. This he does to try to throw people off the scent… being that he is a bastard. Yes! He is a real twister is Sage.

So it would seem that now Sugar has Sage under his thumb (under a false pretence may I add) Sage is playing everyone and now he is all over Sugar… anything to stay on air… he really is an ass licker because he knows that Alan Sugar (the Zionist power broker that he is) can make or break careers… Sugar is constantly on the phone checking up on the progress of the show. It’s actually quite an ordeal and I don’t know how much more of it I can take… for I know that the Jewish persons in Stamford Hill have gone mad – they are walking funny and have said that if all this discourse and conspiracy continues Mossad will be called for… there is a hot line…

Just one other thing about Sage, just so you know and you can see him in a true light: It was on the day of the trooping of the colour and Winston turned up for work in fine British Military regalia he looked so fine, proud and worthy but Sage – being the bully that he is – had a pop… he said that Winston had no right to be at the trooping of the colour because he is black! Winston’s proud exterior slumped, a tear trickled down his cheek. He took off his hat, turned on his heels and slipped quietly out of the studio to change into his dungarees. Featherlite and I were stunned that Sage would say such a thing in this day and age and then it all made sense as Sage dropped his bag and from it fell a newly purchased Jim Davidson DVD – the Christmas special. ‘Oh well’ I thought ‘enough said’…on with the show. As all my sympathies were with Winston, knowing now that so called outdated views still existed even with a black man in the Whitehouse…

Now then, moving in a more positive vein, I am a very spiritual person. I believe in yogic exercise stretching and tugging. I like to put my legs around my neck and try to fellate myself. As an olde man it has become very difficult to achieve full stimulus but if I meditate like a monk… in with the bad air, out with the good… or it might be the other way round… maybe that where I’ve been going wrong! But I find myself in a true state of being where I can fly in the air like that Snowman (but with out that silly song). Why do I tell you these things? Well! Sage describes me as a philistine of sorts but I am cultured, open minded and always willing to give anything a try. I am fearless, deadly and dangerous -like Hunter S Thompson, Alan Ginsberg and Jack Osborne the bungee jumper, all mixed into one! Whereas Sage thinks playing with his own penis or touching a girls bottom makes him a gay… he is a mixed up man is Sage.

David Icke CartoonI also feel that it is important to pass on these nuggets of information for your education dear reader – Sadly I heard Sage on the phone talking to David Ike… he said that he was a fan of Ike’s anti-Israeli policies and that something must be done. Then he suggested… well!.. suggested that because he had connections with Combat 18 (the far right Nazi group all leather and massage oil) he may be able to help. But the rub of the conversation was (if you pardon the pun) was basically because Ike had issues with the lizards – who he says run the world – that maybe both parties could unite and bring down the Rothschild and Rockefeller organisations and Empires. And then get the gold back… I don’t know what he truly meant by ‘we can get our gold back, protect our people and our children’ but then I remembered his pure brilliant white Third Reich reference in the canteen and I started to piece together a sordid right wing conspiracy. It is awful to know that people you work with on a daily basis have such allegiances. I mean, don’t get me wrong, in some cases I feel that the Palestinians get a raw deal on the West Bank…but come on… give the Jews a break Sage. I’m not a fan of all there policies but they are a funny bunch once you get them on stage.

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  1. Certainly sounds interesting. Icke’s views can be a little bizzare but at the same time team him up with the likes of Sage and your bound for trouble.

  2. I have always showed great dislike to the reality shows. They are so fake and just to make money. Even Max Clifford, in a show in Fame TV in 2006, tips that coming onto a reality show is good stunt for publicity which is true. Now our news revolves around stage scripted drama. It is pejorative of us human beings.

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