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144. Ayahuasca and other such stories

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hello ladies and gentlemen there is no time for procrastination for one must get right william burroughs cartoondown to the essence of the point here! Once again suffice to say Sage does not understand the importance of what I am trying to accomplish and achieve in the field while trawling the depths of human experience! Sage takes things at face value, if he can see it he will engage if not he will rant like a drunk Glaswegian into the ether suggesting that everyone other than he is a fool!

Sage turns everything into a pantomime ladies and cranks alike, it’s as though he marvels and revels in seeing me close to breaking point as I try to take the show into a more intellectual direction, a more scientific/spiritual collection of thoughts and ideas. Our man Sage wont have it …

Does he not know of my friendships with the great Amazonian shamans, these ancients that have a knowledge of life far in advance of our own in matters of the ethereal the spiritual and psychological even in there understanding of healing and quantum physics is far ahead of ours in terms of what they understand about the science of the invisible, DNA, the double helix and even the triple helix. Our materialistic world has lost touch with what the shamans have to show us with the use of the healing brew Ayahuasca… This brew contains the powerful hallucinogen dmt which normally is not active taken on its own but the ancients found the two plants in the whole of the amazonian rain forest using an alchemy of sorts that allow the active ingredient dimethyltryptamine to work after the ingestion into the stomach, but this is not the point if you want details do some research what I am trying to get across is what an arse Sage is!

Psychedelics are the way forward, the knowledge nature possesses is way beyond our puerile grasp of what reality is! I remember when myself and a few psychedelic explorers went AWOL in the late 50′s…

The image of our expedition into the Amazon reminds me of the film starring Klaus Kinski the famed Aguirre Wrath of God… My sparring partners were William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the famous Jewish comic Mort Sahl. Now this trio of happy campers were always up for a laugh so we made our way with little trepidation to the Amazon on a log raft made from wood, well it would be wouldn’t it! My point is we learned a lot regarding the nature of reality, as we saw our true selves and our troubles were ironed out by the wonder brew Ayahuasca as we were healed by the Shamans and their chanting! Nature grabbed us by the balls by the short and curlies and took us to a carnival way beyond anything I had ever seen before … It was better than Starlight Express, Cats, and Heath-cliff all put together, and some!

It was better than the local fair with its big wheels, dodgems and candy floss, it was better than the circus with its Lion tamers and master of ceremonies, clowns and Lycra clad sex bombs! It was even better than watching Ian Botham bat at Headingly in 1981 smashing the Aussies into kingdom come!

It was fleeting even though it lasted weeks… a fleeting glimpse of something far greater than my perception of such a vision! The knowledge I gleaned from the experience has even now yet to fully process. The snakes who are not to be feared as they are guides, however, that said they did and can turn nasty snapping and threatening, the crocodiles, the darkness and the light! Oh the light!

So when I tried to explain to Sage of the beauty of such visions I was mocked and laughed at as was Ron who had joined me on my recent trip (no pun indented) to the Amazon! Ron had become frightened at his visions even though his love of the guide snake did help him until of course it turned into Nipper Read – the Copper who had sent him down for thirty years – then I have to say things turned nasty for a while as Ron tried to strangle our Shaman guide thinking that he was a member of the Olde Bill come to take him away again…. After much explaining and soul searching things calmed and I followed my snake guide into a number of visions helped by the chanting of the shaman!

So to tie this entry up I wanted to share our experience with Sage but no, his cynical, materialistic, corporatist, logical, arrogance, and hubris stemmed the flow of anything higher than what he can perceive or understand! Proof you ask? DMT is the proof of something more… We produce it when we sleep, and when we deprive ourself of sleep or food and we produce it when we die…It is something worth looking into as it could and does explain a lot of what is unexplainable to the conditioned materialistic mind!

And if you’re scared of yourself and your own thoughts then you will be a slave to the current reality and operating system until the day you di ! Break on through to the other side ladies and gentlemen, gleam some knowledge apply it and we can evolve! I wish Sage could hear me!

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