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67. Billy Bragg Liberal thruster

Posted on: January 4th, 2009 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 1 Comment

Billy Bragg and Roy Chubby Brown cartoonI wish to take issue with Sage for his unwarranted attack on Billy Bragg the freedom fighter and great lover that he is. A thruster of high regard… a liberal thruster! Sage seems to think Bragg is a hypocrite of the first order for standing up for the Islamists attack on our bendy buses. To say that the unnatural kink offends them is a gross attack on our personal freedom said Sage. All this said at a BNP meeting at his local town hall!But I feel that Bragg has a right to applaud the Muslimists in their fight to rid the roads of this bendy faggotry insult. Bragg says that the kink is an outrage, for, as those bendy buses take corners… especially at the Junction of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road… it has caused many an old Arab to falter in his step as he tries to cross the busy street.

I do know that Billy Bragg is at the Junction with that other freedom fighter Roy Chubby Brown… singing Bragg`s new song: ‘Blink At The Kink If You Agree With Me’. What a fine poet is Bragg… Dylanesque.
I would put him up there with the wonderful Derek Pringle whose poem ‘Don’t Mock Me For I Am Still Alive’ has inspired generations of dead people.

Now Before I leave you my wonderful readers once again, I would say Sage seems to have a bad attitude towards the wonderful perceptive Brian Sewell (the art critic extraordinaire). Well, that is (in my book) subliminally unhealthy. I am quite good at reading between the lines as you know my friends and to imply that Sewell is some sort of leather fetisher… especially after Sage’s alleged new found tin bath activities… well it really smacks of the pot calling the kettle a negro. All this because Sewell was sitting down in his dressing room with a leather jockstrap on whilst reading the Richard Littlejohn column in the Daily Mail. Not a lot wrong with that! The only strange aspect of the whole procedure was that Alistair Campbell (the nipple twister in chief) was hung upside down totally nude (‘Man Called Horse’ fashion) applying nipple clamps to his genitalia! So you can see that Sage might be a little shocked at the surreal proceedings surrounding Brian Sewell. Each to his own I say! Grow up Sage and let Brian alone… for I think that Alistair being an addictive personality, is fed up with marathon running and is looking for something more… and Sewell obliged by letting him use one of Sage`s Chit a Chat dressing rooms.

Finally once again… oh the kindness of others… i’ts enough to give one an erection.
And this is the end of my current Memoirs people, if you want more you must let me know – Much love.

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  1. Nice post, you gotta keep sage in his place, i would like to hear more for sure. sage can get a little preachy sometimes and you need to temper that.

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