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132. Colonel Gaddafi and his pantomime horse

Posted on: June 5th, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Colonel Gaddafi CartoonHello Ladies and Gentleman back again eh, but before I start because for all I know the said Colonel Gaddafi could well be dead by now what with The New World Orders march across Northern Africa and the scramble for oil, either that or he is in Hollywood with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden being blown by Playboy bunny girls while having pure Columbian Cocaine shoved up their butt holes as a reward for being the wonderful CIA patsies that they are and have been.

Point is it would not surprise me if the whole thing has been a pantomime from start to finish or at least my mind is open to the possibility and I can see for miles and miles. Well not really… I’m actually as blind as a post and would need my long distance glasses to see further than I would normally without them, but this is not the point and I have sidetracked myself somewhat, what with the excitement of our new government working hand in hand like two white glove wearing homosexuals at a rave.

However that being said… to use an Americanism that has crept into my vernacular. It is a disgrace I say ,“It” being Sage and yes it is a disgrace and I really do believe it to be so, what you may ask has upset me? Well I hate to keep going on about Sage’s bad traits, but it has come to my notice that Sage has been saying bad things about my good friend Colonel Gaddafi. I sent the esteemed Gaddafi his wonderful uniform and cap, and the man has worn it with pride on a number of State occasions. Sage says that he looks like a poor man’s Napoleon-whatever that means? I mean Napoleon himself like Gaddafi comes from peasant stock, I say leave the esteemed Gaddafi alone! How would you like it if he made mention of your silly fur lined shorts? You would not like it would you Sage?… you wouldn’t bally well like it! Another point to be made regarding Sage’s dismissive attitude to my good friend Charlie Sheen – the wonderful peace maker that he is.

I mean to say – Sheen has gone out of his way to help the beleaguered Gaddafi, and when he heard of the leader’s love of the circus and pantomime he asked me if I would go with him to the troubled spot that is Libya. I said “of course I would,” and Sheen said that he would bring his Pantomime horse with him… to cheer the wonderful Gaddafi who is apparently in a terrible state what with all the bombing raids and rebels on the charge. Sheen even said that he would give up his favoured spot at the front of the pantomime horse for Gaddafi. Sage you should (metaphorically speaking of course) give up your favoured spot at front of the pretend horse, humility is the key to life’s door Sage… learn from Sheen and the great man that is Gaddafi and maybe one day you will be invited to the Playboy mansion and have cocaine blown up your ass, perish the thought …

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