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171. Burn Your Credit card For Fuel

Posted on: April 12th, 2014 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Winter David Cameron, Nick Clegg cartoonhas passed and the spring is finally here. Although I must say winter is firmly fixed within my soul as my candle flickers like an old slappers knickers. Jokes aside ladies and gentlemen the wheel keeps turning and nothing really changes apart from my socks, I change them regularly I am a fan of the Argyle sock. I like the splash or dash of colour rather than a plain black affair. The point is I am not and never have been a fan of the trench foot. I have seen much in my life and must say trench foot is probably the worse thing I have had to endure over the years, worse than the holocaust I’d say, after all if you have trench foot you must live with it, rather than once you’ve been shot by a Nazi in the head, suffering is over, well you know one has ceased to be, no more having to endure the hideousness of being alive, but imagine having to spend the rest of your life with trench foot having to powder it everyday with Johnson’s Baby Powder just so one can slide on a pair of socks, adds at least a minute and a half to morning proceedings, it’s unbearable worse than leprosy, at least with leprosy there is the chance the cursed foot could drop off, not with trench foot though. With trench foot one is left with nothing but misery and a reminder of the hell that life is, but any how lets not get side tracked.

I have laughed and cried I have wept and died. I see the pain of people I hear their screams I wipe their tears.The weight of the world and the insistence of the society to be positive and to keep buggering on drives us all to drink in the end or at least it does I, and if not drink then to other ways of escaping the constant prod of authority and responsibility. I for one have reached a zenith within by own being I can no longer take the strain. I wish for silence, I wish for peace. I mean what am I meant to say?

“Oh Putin is that or the other,
gas, oil, coal, snow, shiver me timbers
Cameron is a so and so,
Boris is a cunt, Clegg is a wimp
Elitism, nepotism, suck my Hamptonism
Nigel Farage is pond slop clinging to the past,
but the people love him cos he
walked into a pub and ordered a beer.
The BBC is a public school boy circle jerk.
Kill the immigrant, blame the jews
Capitalism is a bit of a grind.
That Hitler was a bit of a hot head.
The Royal family seem to have it easy
as they live off other peoples misery.
Its not a recession its a robbery,
privatisation is the order of the day
and it always was.
Its a white mans world.
Obama is a black puppet for the white elite
dance golly dance.
By any mean necessary?
Oh they missed that memo.
Violence can be used for good.
I say rip those fuckers from their marble halls.
But no lets kill some Africans, lets renew our mobile phones
buy some new apps, lets dig in the delta.
Let’s destroy the eco system.
Fuck it, it will grow back.
Let’s rape the children, did I say rape?
Let’s destroy woman.
Tell the world Thatcher didn’t have a big COCK
make you all believe she was a feminist icon.
Back to the children, lets put them to work give them enough to eat
but never enough to escape, they can shit into a bucket,
Its all they are worth.
Not funny enough oh well!
Is this what you want? Nob, cock , willy?
spunk, junk, punk.
Pro Europe, Anti Europe, hate, love, hate, love.
Nationalism, property bubbles, blame the poor, duty of care,
kick em out the dooor, murder the working class,
fuck em all and the blacks, and the asians, and the Eastern Europeans and the
Muslims and all the believers and the talented and the drug addicts and and and and and……
War in Crimea, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Afganistan, Cuba, problems in Korea.
Bankers, wankers, spankers and yankers.
Oil slicks, dead seals, police brutality, genocide, destruction, murder, rape, pillage,
Tv Licence, bailiffs, non payment of fine, pedophile ring, fuck the kids.
Court case, prison sentence, bail, licence, sodomy,
lies, deceit , camouflage, MBE, OBE, kneel before Zod.
Violence, blood, death, death, Saturn Saturn.
Spunk in a tissue.
How much more can you take, endure, accept, put up with? I for one have reacher tether point.
Im heading outwards where silence exists.
Im heading inwards where only my roadshow matters.
My paradigm has finally shifted as I prepare for the final DMT fix. ”

Tis dances in the morning Sun

He’s a mountain man and he is freedoms child,
he walks the green and growing wild
his head is filled with nothing less,
than anything that we possess.
There ain’t no talking for a mountain man
he is too busy with survival a natural man,
to watch the seasons come and go
the winter sun and melting snows.
To see new life and understand
the hidden meaning in natures plan,
to watch the salmon dance up stream
to be at peace with the special one’s.
Oh to dance in the morning sun
to ask nothing more than to be at one,
with all that was and all that is
a mountain man natures son.

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