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172. Digging In The Dirt / East Meets West Again!

Posted on: June 22nd, 2014 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hellozidane headbutt cartoongentlemen, back again eh? Well needless to say not much has changed while I have been digging in the dirt like I was Peter Gabriel without the horn and I have been doing so, dirt digging for such a long period of time now that my nails are cut to the quick and my fingers are soiled like a tramps arse itching finger. Life on the whole seems pathetic and trite even. Other people lives seem boring to me, I watch them daily I see them and they never surprise me, oh such genius to be so bland. They think they are clever they think they are disguised but I know better I know what drives and even though my brain has been fried I won’t be denied. Problem is no one can see what goes on inside, what really makes one tick in an Andrei Tarkovsky Stalker, Zone type way. Not even the owner of the soul knows what really lurks deep within the recess of the human monkey mind.

The lizard reigns but the king is dead. Its tails chasing tails, hubris and pride, seven deadly sins, a needle, a camel, a rich man and a cross. The human race is dirty and snide as you step upon others to join the ride to take your place on the high horse, but you know the gods left this house a long time ago? Your mother is angry because you have mud on your face like a dirty angel, while granny spits on some tissue and gives it a wipe, daddy don’t give a shit, he don’t care. He’s got cod chips and a beer on the sideboard, which he’s saving for later either that or its a backhand across the face and straight under the stairs. No point crying no one can hear you scream in space.

The point about all this is, I was recently asked what my favourite World Cup moment was and is and so after listening to all the obvious predictable answers from the people in the company, you know Geoff Hurst’s hat/rick or Pele’s pass to Carlos Alberto in 1970 or Marco Tardelli goal celebration in 1982, or even perhaps Diego Maradona`s second goal against England in 86 or Roger Miller the man on televisions goal celebration in 1990, but when I was asked for my favourite world cup moment after much deliberation I felt it prudent and almost controversial to say that the greatest world cup moment for me was Zinadine Zidanes world cup final headbutt to the chest of Marco Materazzi as to me it was a thing of beauty, twas animalistic fervour, pure expresssionism from a genius human being, it was Baconesque, violent, nasty, vicious and brilliant, a moment of abandon, it was poetic and life affirming.Fine art from one of the greatest artists to ever play football.I was mocked for my opinion though and Ronnie ended up having to cut someone at my behest and on my behalf. Such is life.

Needless to add by the time you read this England could be out of the World Cup.I pray this is not the case as I truly enjoyed the way they had a go at the Italians. So I wish my boys well and hope they make the second round of the tournament and avoid the indignity of travelling home early with the fucking Spanish.

Bless to you all, don’t worry about Iraq it will all be fine, don’t believe the hype and fight the power.

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