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Empire Building with Ron and Reg

Posted on: January 8th, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Kray Twins CartoonNew Year Special
Listen to Ronnie and Reggie Kray as they return from the grave discuss their future plans, which include getting into the pickling business and Boris Karloff. Also, a message from Alvin Lindwall who discusses breathing in Hitler dust, cannibalism and why it’s all God’s fault.

Night Time Sky/Meritocracy My Arse

I would love to fly in a night time sky
but like a human not a fly
I wouldn’t do what some birds do
I wouldn’t poo on passers by
because that would be quite rude.

But on second thoughts I might just choose
to shit a brick on those pretenders,
those greedy bastard money lenders
and governments that let them take
a pound of flesh from those who ache.

Now you may sense my discontent
to those who pose in government
and there`s that royal pool that pay no rent
those takers who give out prizes to keep the status quo.

Oh yes! I would love to fly in night time sky.
much higher than a butterfly
where I could forget about what those cringes do
when they make decisions without asking you.

Will they ask you to the wedding Mr Blair?
You never know their might not be a wedding so fair
They may well use a tad of restraint in these austere times
and build a homeless shelter instead,Helter-skelter!

What’s that Charlie Manson you agree?
but you’re not invited, and neither are we
but if I say too much I could get a visit
on behalf of those tainted sons and bitches.

What you don’t believe that men in suits
would pay a visit and use the boot
what’s that! You don’t believe that MI5
will decide whether you live or die, If you say too much.

Well! All I can say to you my friends
Just go and ask John Bindon
Oh dear shiver me timbers
dear John is no longer with us.

What’s the real story?
Maggie and John in heaven together
Showing his part whatever the weather
Now that’s freedom of choice…

Meritocracy my arse !
Or perhaps you`ll blame the jews!


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