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115. Faith Schools

Posted on: August 1st, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Finally Vote Sagewe reach the end… the curtain is about to fall and the villain of the piece is about to be revealed… and yes Sage has surpassed himself again. Not even his racial slurs can match the next category of error and his soiled judgment has now taken a turn for the worse. So get this my friends – Sage says that he is going into politics and has revealed that number one on his political agenda is the banning of faith schools. He feels that the government should fund all schooling and that religion is an anathema (I tend to agree with on some level or other). I personally feel that anyone who supports faith schools should be pilloried in no uncertain terms. Sage also added that the one thing he liked about communism was the State’s attitude to all religions… that attitude being “no religion”. That’s the olde eastern block ethos in a nutshell. I also fear that he is a fan of the fascist view on religion, that being – “if they don’t like it, stick them in a prison.” Sadly I feel Sage wants to be the dictator that replaces God. And that can’t be good for cricket.

Itend feel that the way forward in this regard is the Rudolf Steiner method of teaching. I think that his ideas may well be the best way forward in this matter to teach children to be human beings first rather than to be part of a religious sect. To prepare our youngsters to be free thinkers engaged in art, science, and literature. To help them live in the pursuit of spiritual scientific knowledge and not Religious dogmatism. As Rudolf Steiner said himself and I quote “To truly know the world, look deeply within your own being; to truly know yourself, take real interest in the world.” And I quote him again, “Receive the children in reverence; educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom.” Not a religious point of view to teach liberty is it my good friends? It seems to me that their agenda tends to be that of preparing children to continue and perpetuate the battles, prejudices, and hates of the past.

So maybe Sage has a point, enough said I feel on this subject except to say that I would never vote for Macorkadale because he is an egotistical arse and the power would send him mental, and I ask – what party would he belong to? I can’t see any of the mainstreamers taking him on anyway… it’s not as if Sage is a Bullingdon Club chap and has connections in the corridors of power. However, the point is: one minute he is beating up brown people and now he has it in his head that he wants to lump everyone together under one banner under his own utopian viewpoint.

Ok Sage I will give you head on this one and say that you have very little chance of your views on faith schools coming to pass but where you fall down is your religious attitude to gay adoption and marriage. Your views are scurrilous and narrow-minded to say the least and to give out leaflets that suggest that limp wristers should not be allowed to adopt youngsters is a step too far. As I have intimated It is religious in its dogmatistic essence and it attacks the very soul of freedom and libertarian thinking. I fought two World Wars for the freedom for all to do as they please, and you want to give it away without a fight so as not to upset anyone like the liberal pussy you are, you are, the liberal pussy you are.
I mean to say that the homosexual is not fit to bring up children is a contentious statement and shallow in the extreme.

I say look at Mark Otin… he was buggered on Hampstead Heath a few times, and his children still love him, they know what he is and they know that they are his children. It is not an issue in my book nor in the Otin family book and in his own words he said that he wanted to “try something different,” and why not eh? I mean; the way Sage is going on I would not be surprised if he took a leaf out of Dubai’s book – that being the Koran – and banned kissing in public. It wouldn’t surprise me the repressed idiot that Sage is.

Such nonsense… why anyone would want to go to Dubai anyway? It escapes me… it looks like a shit hole to me. In fact I say fuck off to religion and its vile perpetual nonsense, kissing in public a crime?… I beseech thee. Really my good friends!… and we give these idiots a voice at our political table, God save the “queen” and I don’t mean Elizabeth.

Thank you ladies and gentleman for your patience and support see you soon.

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