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139. You do the fighting, I’ll do the talking…

Posted on: November 7th, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Ladies sage fawkesand gentlemen today you find me in bad cheer! In true fact things have become woeful. I mean, to hear Sage go on endlessly about the limitations of the old Etonion that is Davis Cameron! Well I cannot help myself make comment and point out the jealousy and envy that runs riot like a Hackney teenager in Sage’s blood. Yes it rages in him like a dodgy leaky car radiator that heats up and spews its last remnants all over the car engine. I say if you’re not careful Sage you will blow up like a Bob Hoskins pub in The Long Good Friday. All this resentment toward our great ponce leader. Sage wants absolute power ladies and gentlemen, full hand in glove unadulterated power, but without the vision or imagination to go out and get it, so he becomes miserable and bitter.

Sage likes the idea of giving grand speeches in grand theatres while making grand gestures so on and so forth but he does not have the gumption to go out and do it. So to see him get so irrate about Camerons Freudian slip in the “House of Commons” was in some ways inspiring.

Sage as I, was upset by Cameron’s comments in the house in recent time. I mean I can see why you’re upset with the comment made by our ponce PM, “You do the fighting and I will do the talking.” What an elitist thing to have said, he may as well have said “Know your place, shut up and die when I give you the order to do so!” There is a lot to be peeved about my good people but to go out and purchase a “V for Vendetta” mask as Sage did and boast about your idea to blow up parliament is just silly in fact it is damn right riduculous. I mean if you’re going to do something, do it! Don’t ponce about in fancy dress! I say, say what you mean Sage, don’t be a coward old chap. Say what you mean, say what you have voiced in private out loud so we all can hear.

What was it you said about the Cameron ancestry regarding the Irish Potato famine? Ahhhh that’s it! Sage believes that Davis Cameron’s great, great, great uncle, Syd Cameron stole all the potatoes from Ireland and turned them all into mash and then had a sploshing party at Balmoral. Vile stuff eh, the Elite taking the piss as usual, sploshing indeed! Utter nonsense Sage ! I do wish that you stop all your fanciful clap trap and maybe we would all be better off.

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