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175. These Fings Take Time

Posted on: October 24th, 2014 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Nigel Farage CartoonWhat the hell is going on? I know nothing is ever perfect and human nature was the same when I was a young man, but it does seem that these days the rulers of our world are taking the Arthur Bliss out of all of us, as they blatantly rip up our world in front of us without remorse or compassion for those of us on their arses, as they violently without pity nore shame move public money into private hands. Now, people have been known to ask to me, “what the hell do you do to help, others in pain and misery?” And I tell them in no uncertain terms that I Colonel Cuthbert Crabtree-Smythe, look after an Islamic revolutionary by the name of Abdul.He sleeps in my wardrobe on scatter cushions.I know that he has plans to change the aggressive Jewish policies towards the Muslims as Israel carry out genocide on the West bank.My Abdul plans to stop this by any means necessary other than blowing him self up for the cause, such a futile enterprise.

Plus I protect my Nigerian friend who I have given the basement to, he uses it as his digs and kips quite happily. Although I have to add I do protect him from the UKIP policies by censoring what he sees or hears for fear that to hear the likes of Farage speak would only depress him and give him the blues reminding him of the days of Mosley or Enoch Powell sending him into a black rage.

That “Rivers of Blood” speech really makes him shudder, I remember the day, it angered him so much so that he broke my nose with an over hand right I spent all night in the UCH on the Euston Road, but the man who really sent him into hells kitchen was Nick Clegg for when he looks at Clegg he sees a desperate soulless man who would sell off his own mother just to be on the television, he sees a man who would protect pedophiles just to be in power. Is it not Vile?Am we missing something people?

Listen, I’m no socialist, I’m no Tony Benn, I’m no swampy, but I am of the thinking that we should help our fellow man and woman when and where ever possible, the olde leg up routine.I despise these politicians that claim to represent us as they sign away our health service and take us to war on false pretense, creating fear, death, and destruction in their wake.

That vile Dame Shirley Williams should be dealt with in the most heinous of ways.I was always suspicious of her ambition and drive and her penis.She and her like forgot that peoples rights are what should come first, a duty of care that would dissipate if we pull out of the European union, so im told by Kinnock.

Now I’m no Arthur Scargil,l but im not blind to see that we are really making it hard for the common man to put bread on the table.Im no Michael Foot but who in the hell would argue against wheel chair access and empathy for those with a limp.Are we really that cold to people as we close down fire stations, build and sell arms for and to the same people we demonise, while also we bomb the bejeesus out of them.

Nothing much has changed since I was holding down the empire other than most of the politicians and leaders today are wet behind the ears, untested pussies, they have no experience of being on the front line which gives one a healthy respect for the proletariat. Fighting arm in arm and breaking bread together in dire circumstances.Cameron, Clegg, Miliband and Farage are a breed of men who know not what it is like to suffer trench foot as your best friends head is blown off by the Hun.

I’m no Karl Marx but it doesn’t sound too unreasonable to spread some of the wealth about, quell corporate power, bring industries home, fight for human rights and duty of care maintain our health service, pay nurses accordingly, improve our children’s education, pay teachers accordingly, isn’t that why we pay tax, for our children’s education, the nations health care and our old age pensioners and the continuation of a safety net for those that need some time out, call me naive but I thought that was the deal we pay taxes and the rest takes care of itself.

It disgusts me, the power and influence Murdoch has, the vile Antipodean eavesdropping two bob berk. I’d really like to set Ronnie Kray on him, I did tell Ron that Murdoch called him an Iron Hoof and I hope and pray that that situation escalates in Ron’s favor rapidly.I know Ron is brooding on that one.Yea as I write, he was stroking his Luger.

I feel politics may have run its course.Problem is what to do, how to bring it back? Perhaps if I really cared id be down at Parliament Square protesting with the Occupy movement fighting the police for some tarpulin to sit on but im not so, maybe I should shut the hell up and hoe my garden as that seems to be where I find my peace. For as they say, “You should tend to your own garden before complaining about someone else’s weeds.” and maybe that is true for as Voltaire once said,
“Tending one’s own garden, is not only a private activity but also productive!”

Perhaps meaning if I grow potatoes in my garden I could feed the village once a week with chips, someone else will have to provide the ketchup though, I cant be doing it all not with my back.Or maybe I’m missing the point as the world I grew up in has dissipated to shit, and I for one can not wait to bounce off this mortal coil so as to finally find some peace away from vile cunty bastards like Theresa May, Ian Duncan Smith, Lord Freud, Boris Johnson, Tony Blair, Jeremy Hunt, and the rest of the inbred brigade but as with all things, these things take time.

My advice would be to try and be happy with what you have got, show compassion to those with limps and twitches.Don’t blame people who have nothing, for the ills of the world.For as they say follow the money and where that trail ends you will find the criminals behind our misery, and they are probably rich white men.Trust me I used to work for the fuckers before I was shunned and kicked out of the Establishment Club for peeing into Thatchers hand bag. BASTARDS, but anyhow the Colony Room club was more fun.Id rather drink with the proles anyway.

Thank you and god speed.

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