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143. A Polar Bear Revolution… a Fluffy Revolution!

Posted on: January 15th, 2012 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hello lache crabtreedies gentlemen and marine life respectively, a new year has started and all the retards are still in bed, you’ve had you’re festivities and now i’ts back to being brain dead! Sod the planet, fuck the poor and ignore what’s real and alive. Cos you got pissed and now your head hurts and they have you by the balls! The streets are quiet it’s our last stand so what are you panicking for? Get back to work and tow the line you better fly that corporate flag! So let’s have a war, you know what for cos you’ve seen it on TV and all your sanctimonious niceties they don’t mean shit to me! It’s nearly over tis the blink of an eye with fucked up plausibility until the day that you die. So take your kids to a burger bar give them BSE or why not stick a needle in your arm and contract HIV. Yes the judge loves his black suspender belt and he let the nonce go free, the law is in the gutter and there ain’t no liberty! So bring on the empty horses yes bring on the empty crowd you won’t hear me shouting cos I shouts a bit too loud!

My point is this my little gold diggers… all in all Sage has no sensitivity except of course the end of his over worked pumper but I digress! Sage has it in for the olde Estonians and I for one have had enough of his racist slants, I mean to say what has Estonia ever done to us?

I of course tried to explain that it was the Etonians that we should be concerned about but Sage insisted that it was the state of Estonia a country that sits in the Baltic region of Northern Europe that is the cause of all the worlds problems! I tried to explain to Macorkadale that the Estonians have a good human rights recored and that they have fulfilled duty of care to her people and I explained to Sage that the country is also ranked highly for  its freedom of the press, economic freedom, democracy, political freedom and education but he Sage that is would have none of it !

Sage put on his self righteous hat and stared ranting and raving about how the Estonians have it all and still want more! Like I say ladies and limp wristers alike Sage is a retard!

I will now explain what the hell has been going on over the holiday season and beyond! The point about all this is, I feel I may have sent Sage round the proverbial twist when I may or may not have suggested that the Polar bear that mauled to death an Eton school boy on a remote glacier near the Arctic circle last year was in effect or affect doing a good thing for the revolution.

Or to put it another way at least the polar bears are on side as it’s only the toffs who do things like entering the barren icy north to experience the hellish cold and the dangers therein! I saw Sage twitch as I made this point the veins upon his face swelled I thought a stroke may ensue, but no it was after the show that he jumped on his soap box and blamed the Estonians! Point is ladies and late night stalkers alike, each to their own and is that not what the world is all about!

Sage wants to invade Estonia for some Nationalistic reason. I mean I don’t think they have oil so what would be the point? I for one don’t even eat meat and potatoes so to invade for the food would be a pointless endeavor all in all! However all that said the point is – while Sage wants to go to war, I would like to send a polar bear round to Number 10 Downing street to give David Cameron a taste of his own medicine. See how he likes being cut to smithereens by a creature that has been around a lot longer than his blood line, and that’s saying something! Sage was having none of it so I tried to explain it another way!

You see somebody told you back at school that you were a no one that you were a fool,
well i got news for that sad old tool he ain’t nothing without a rule,
say the wheels on the bus go round and round and the girls on the back go up and down,
my smile ain’t fake like Tony Blair and the underclass have become aware
that if time is running out then you make some more
cos its easy when your running and you know the score,
say god damn Christian catholic wars and who buys what at superstores
which fucked up celeb has taken to drag,no i couldn’t give a fuck where you stick ya flag
i ain’t Speech but i will rhyme his rhyme “its time to play with the earth.”
Yes your crawling on your belly when your living in the past
like doing ten with Ali no you`re never gonna last,
say the butcher caught a white dove and then he ate it up,
he gave his kid a budgie but she changed it for a pup
she gave it plenty loving but then the pup grew up
so she put it through a mixer and she fed it to a duck,
i got a shadow i my pocket and a bird in my hand
cos knowledge is power when your sinking in the sand
no im not Inspector Clouseau but i solved the case
as to why were such a fucked up race,
see i been on a ferry with Lee -Scratch- Perry
and the candles in the wind and they ain’t stop crying
while the mic`s in my hand and the whole world is dying
as selfish mother fuckers keep on multiplying
its drugs to the ghetto, guns to the gangsters, no one really knows but someone`s supplying.
What did you say, no you cant say that, a cripple in your next life
thats tit for tat, spouting off karma when you don’t really know
like living in a warship looking for a tow.
To prophesize and tell the truth,”no don’t do that it sounds uncouth,”
like living in the Whitehorse you cant agree, but did you get head from Lewinsky?
its pictures of the Klu Klux in the chest,Isabellas big boy has been hung to death,
its a golden stage a bed of nails a forward thrust through your own entrails
its the part that you get that you don’t expect, its a casting couch or your own ship wreck,
like living in the city, two days in the valley,or waking in the morning with a fat girl Sally.
So don’t segregate, just celebrate, emancipate just stop the hate…

All that said i wish you well in the year to come and don’t let the bastards grind you down!

Colonel Crabtree Smythe !

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