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103. Freedom of Speech

Posted on: January 31st, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 2 Comments

I havehimmler-naked been searching my thoughts for a nugget of something special that I can say about Sage, but nothing comes to mind and when I think that he knocked one of my favourite bands – the Alabama Three – I was sent into an emotional tail spin… I mean these boys are legendary, a force of nature and should be respected like Tony Soprano the man they so wonderfully sing about… and Sage’s slur doesn’t stop there… I can understand him not liking a certain piece of their work feeling perhaps that they are too Communist or too fascist for one’s personal tastes, but for me it is the racial aspect of Sage’s attack and comments that I object to… to say that those Scottish/Welsh Bastards couldn’t clean the Rolling Stones boots, I ask you – does that not give you insight into the mans distorted mind set? I am aware Sage has always had a down on the Welsh but come on.

I say more proof that Sage has no clue about real life is the fact that he said that The Wire bared no relationship to the real world and that Omar was a dirty fruit and he was glad that the bender got his comeuppance at the end. Well! If that wasn’t indicative of Sage’s true nature and deep rooted phobias I don’t know what is. You may well ask what has that got do with the Alabama Three – the Scottish/Welsh rock and roll band? Well, as I write this memoir I am asking myself the same question. All I can say; whilst looking for a deep connection it may be just the simple name calling that holds the answer. I mean calling my favourite band Scottish/Welsh Bastards might be the key. As I said – the white supremacy part of Sage’s nature comes to the fore in certain situations. For whilst watching The Wire he had noticed that the actors were (for the most par)t black and that the gays were not stereotypical ‘whoopsies’ as he calls them.

The worst thing I felt he said was that not since ‘Roots’ had there been such a show with so many blacks on board… Then he giggled… I don’t know why, but he did. Like I say – Sage is an odd chap and a conundrum of shorts (Of sorts but I made a joke)… Now we must progress forward onwards and upwards!

Loose Womenjane-mcdonald has been pilloried by Sage. It’s major players have been attacked by Mackorkadale – The boat woman… the singer… I think her name is Jane Macdonald. I mean to say that she had hairy nipples, well! I must say it was a disgusting implication And Jane has taken to her bed… says that she won’t rise until she gets a full apology. Think about it ladies, would you like it if someone said that you had a pubic hair growing out of you nipple? Not on I say…the point is – freedom of speech is alright in most cases but I do say Sage… Sensitivity is paramount in all cases so please leave the hairy nipple thing on the back burner…I suppose that one way to rid the nipple of hair but that is another story and I don’t wish to pour petrol on the flames… But as for dear Jane her divorce has just come through and the fact that she will be looking for another partner and does not want it known that she has hairy nipples is more than fair enough… So please Sage enough is enough.

All right you think that I say too much, well! I will change the subject then… But you just listen to this, Eric Bristow, the Crafty Cockney, was practising his poem for his appearance on ‘Chit a Chat’ in the mens changing room… the poem was An Ode To Barry George – his friend and mentor. In fact, they grew up together and spent their informative years looking at MILFs through bedroom windows with step ladders… but as with all youthful friendships they went their separate ways when Eric saw an old black and white news reel of a young Heinrich Himmler playing nude darts with the German High Command. The fact of the matter was the young Eric was so impressed with Himmler’s double top that he went out and purchased some arrows immediately.

But I stray from the point. The thing is, Sage laughed at the Crafty Cockney and said that his poem about the esteemed Barry George was shit… Well! Needless to say the Crafty Cockney that was Bristow broke down, but not before getting Sage in a Thai Clinch and giving him a good olde fashioned knee to the face. All I can say is this: Sage grow up and give the Crafty Cockney a break like he did your nose… again you miss the point Sage, for another mans art is a precious thing and it does not need or indeed want your undermining self serving comments… So please Sage, Barry George is a sensitive man and Eric Bristow’s fine words should not be dismissed out of hand. Freedom of speech is ok when it is tempered with sensitivity, good sense and due respect and if you don’t like what I have to say well then FUCK OFF.

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    Dont mess about or i will cut ya….

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