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48. Such frivolity

Posted on: July 5th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Richard Littlejohn cartoonNow my dear friends, I must add something else to the proceedings with regard to the winger that is Richard Littlejohn the great white racist, anti-Muslim, anti-Nigerian protagonist who claims to be a man of the people and a liberal leaner. Yet it is known that he is a big fan of David Irvine’s books. The great holocaust denier. Being one of them and that he has a teddy bear called Mohamad, Littlejohn has been also been heard to say on many occasions he just loves the theatre of it all and that he would have no problems if his daughter came home with a ‘sand Negro’… his words not mine. Whatever that bloody means. But the fact of the matter is, I find this aspect of his nature to be pure deception and subliminal camouflage. He is a fare evader, an Oyster Card pretender as it were. For it poses the question as to why was the man that is Richard Littlejohn was seen hand in hand with Nick Griffin – the great leader and wonderful humanitarian. Yes indeed, they were both seen hand in hand I tell thee… on Hampstead Heath by Sir Ian Mackellan and Richard Wilson with their willies hanging out. They were singing ! Yes Littlejohn and Griffin were swinging their johnstones and singing – ‘We will be running round the Tottenham, running around the Tottenham, running round the Tottenham with our willies hanging out… singing I’ve got a foreskin have you? Singing I’ve got a foreskin have you? Singing I’ve got a foreskin…’ la la la and so on. Such frivolity by Griffin and Littlejohn… and I mean their politics not the peering penises of wantoned olde racial illuminators, but what do I know?… I’m just an olde man with a sore bats wing and an open mind like Eva Braun’s sister Iris.

ian wright cartoonI must add (for I feel that it is essential to undermine the profiles and distorted attitudes of such men) the evidence was there for all to see and the scars of their actions are obvious… for it was said by a close observer (Warren Mitchell) that they were skipping through the undergrowth together giggling like poofs. Not the best example to be set by our Jewish brother and Daily Mail reporter. But it is said that he hates the fact that he is Jewish and the shame haunts his dreams. All this coming from a man who claims to love Humus, Taramasalata and halloumi cheese. He would never have got away with it if the mighty Piers Morgan was at the helm. Another point to make about the bounder that is Littlejohn… and I know you might say in his defence that he doesn’t choose his readers they choose him… well, that may well be, but I must make this one proviso in relation to a famous reader. What I mean to say… why am I beating around the bush?… It has just come to my notice that Ian Stewart of the skin head punk band Skrewdriver said recently through the famous Medium, Josi Van Strapon, that Littlejohn was a breath of fresh air in a World of cynics, sinners, gods and monsters and limp wristed liberals. Yes this has all been seconded by Ian Wright himself… a very angry man is Wrighty, a very bitter, twisted and sordid man is Wrighty. He blames Graham Taylor for all his anger. I don’t want to go into the psychological aspect of Ian Wright’s existence. The thing is I know for a fact that the neglected Wrighty has killed that hideous friend of Elton John six thousand times. The fact is he has a picture of the ex-England manager on his dartboard. I don’t know if this is true but I have inside info from Perry Groves. But anyway, I must leave this Taylor incident for another time…

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