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45. Heather McCartney’s leg

Posted on: June 7th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Heather McCartney cartoonSage seems to think that I am being anti-Semitic when I talk in terms of the Ju Ju men at the top. I won’t and I don’t bother to explain to Sage my MI5 colloquialisms. He wouldn’t understand anyway. I made no reference to Jewish Zealots, Sage did that all on his own and I think that says more about him than I. But enough of these references to Sage’s quite obvious short comings and on with something a little more interesting. Well some might say so…

Heather McCartney: who you must have seen by now on TV AM ranting about the loss of her leg like mad mother Hubbard who has no bread in her cupboard cos a Beatle took it all. Now, you know the story of my acquiring her severed leg, well the stone fact is that she wants the said appendage back. This is of course quite impossible… for as you may well know by now, it has a new place of residence thanks to Otis Van Strapon. The leg has become Winston’s new leg after the attack on his olde leg by an angry Sergio Crease. Sage called Winston a zebra and then ‘ebony and ivory’ which I found to be highly insensitive considering the time, place and circumstance… and yes I did get the Paul McCartney reference. I know some of you may well be a little fed up with all the loose talk by Sage. I mean, if the man brings up the word bugger again I shall strangle him with one of his Gaylord Crimson handmade Garters!

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