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177. I Am Cuthbert!

Posted on: February 1st, 2015 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

I leon brittan cartoonalways find the new year period a tedious affair, all that talk of fresh starts and new resolutions seem to count for nothing in the end and happens to be a waste of time when all is said and done.For very little changes, it never does and never will while the demons and bastards continue to run and control our narrative. We live in a psychedelic supernatural magical world people, of godesses and warriors, truth seekers and simplifiers but we hand over our power to soulless, classless, perverted, rapists of fate, men and women who have about as much substance as an unset jelly. I ask you to look at the people who you, we allow to create our reality. These people are the worst amongst us, the most vile, the most blinkered, the most greedy, egotistical, the most unloving, the most righteous, the most most sure, and we give them power.

I say hand on heart they should be wiped out, wiped off the soles of our shoes like the shit that they are. All of them top to bottom wipe them out, silence their frequency, its a tedious station anyway and they have hogged the airwaves for too long. Kill all the bad lovemakers, the non pussy eaters, the artless, and those who fuck with their socks on. The late night masterbators those who enjoy gagging rape porn, violent misogynistic wankers, the anti balance.The grey suits, the white painted rooms of there sanitised reality.Those who are scared of our evolution, those who fight to drag us back to the past, the olde order, back to dessert.

All our hope for a better tomorrow is shat upon because the idea of tomorrow is an illusion for there is no tomorrow. There is only this moment as the 24 hour news rolls on with its negative spin allowing and giving us no let up, no breathing space, no time for peace and silence, no room for sanity.Too much noise and no fucking signal, too many wires too many shocks and I for one have had enough. I say the human race is a hopeless case for there is always some ego prick who has something to moan and bitch about even if you gave it everything it needed the fucker will always want more regardless of the fact that everything one needs is already in play, please people stop buying into this cretinous bullshit illusion it really is below you. You should have no goals just be who you are, follow your narrative your story to the grave.The universe has got you this far, trust in it, trust in yourself, don’t hand over your life, thoughts and emotions to the cultural engineers who wish to drain you dry like you were a nut sac and they were Cynthia Payne’s black book of whores. Goals and plans are corporate speak to help keep your nose to the grind stone. You are made to feel bad for being who you are, you are called lazy or a drop out if you refuse to engage with this bullshit illusion of hate and separation. If who you are does not progress the current belief system derision is waiting, mockery and inanity is at every turn. It’s an asinine affair people.

Terms like don’t give up, keep pushing on are credulous statements to keep you carrying on regardless of all the lies death and misery elsewhere all over the globe, the good vs evil story, the just keep buggering on keep calm fantasy.The don’t look over there, for it’s an olde set and we are using blue screen now and we can show you just what we think you want to see.The technology has really caught up. Nothing is real or nothing is what it seems.
So find who you are and be that, if you want to be a writer, write. If you want to be a fighter, fight. If you want to be a singer, sing. If you want to be a lover, love. If you want to be a healer, heal. If you want to be then just be, claim it, there is no work to be done it is not a chore for you love your creation you love who you are. There is nothing more to be had from discussing it or debating it or interlectualising it.Those who preach god need GOD.

I say its all about action people or perhaps maybe no action what ever feels right. Don’t let any one out side of your self speak for you. Speak for yourself based upon your own subjective experiences and life’s work. No one is as wise as you can be but anyhow its probably all a load of bollocks and we all know what we can do with them.

Nevermind them.

I wish you all well with whatever comes your way and remember as my olde gran would say “its all a performance!” So don’t worry, you control everything, its your play after all.You are the writer, the actor, the producer.Remember this, remember your power you are what ever you choose to be and if doing nothing is a appealing your all right by me. For nothing is something, it always has been.

I Am Cuthbert.

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