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Mild distractions

Posted on: September 19th, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Jennifer Aniston CartoonWalking on the wild side with Danny La Rue, stalking Jennifer Aniston with Dr. Legg, trespassing with Wayne Rooney and kiddy fiddling with the Pope… all in a day’s work for the Colonel. (Listen to episode with player above!)


“Im not angry im scared.Having thoughts of torture again.
To take it out on another or maybe willing them to finish me.
Im in hell, mental, im in Bedlam and my mind is the mad house.
Spiritual almost physical like impotence confronted by a vagina.
A fundamental evil and hate that courses through my veins.
Misanthropic cynicism, existential contempt, fuck you all….
Fear of myself where does this end? Where is God?
Within these dark walls this agnostic mindset,
this dark soul as fire burns flesh blood and death.
Francisco Goya,Francis Bacon crushed bone and violence.
Ronald Kray in paranoid. voices of the mind.
Save me lord i dont exist im lost and cannot find.
All those parasites and maggots of men, the ones who run the show,
the charlatans and hypocrites the ones who`ll never know,
the sell outs and the takers the big money makers the corporate C.E.O`s,
you laugh at the unfortunate your indifference is the key
the chattle,the cattle, the imprisoned, and the free.
We lie in wait to slay you down, to bring you to your knees,
but dont you worry you wont miss out its all on C.C.T.V
Unleash our fire upon the cruel for satan dwells within us all,
I bang my head,i hang my head,i cut my self in shame,
my bitterness it leads to fear and i need to reconcile.
Self loathing leads to hate again my balance out of tilt
your driving me insane as you wallow in this mediocrity
you twist my soul in out like two,and loves gone out the door
breathe boy, just breathe boy you cant satisfy the soul.
I fear myself i fear the day when the balance of sanity lifts
like an atheist killers heart and a virgins beauty kiss,
as vengence crushes me, like evil envelopes me,
gallops like blood cancer with no cure as the poison flows
a darkness with no light but me within that Freudian world,
hear me lord if you be, dont leave me lost at sea. “

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