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7. My Mother

Posted on: January 20th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Another point to be made: Sage gave me the third degree with regard to my relationship with my disgracedmy mother brother Wilfred Crabtree Smythe. As if he, Sage, had no skeletons in his cupboard. And then he accused me of tampering with Laurence of Arabia’s motor bike brakes… saying that I was instrumental in his downfall. Such sacrilegious metaphors from the mouth of the Jewish pro-Scottish interloper that is Mackorkadale…

There is another aspect of my general attitude towards life and Sage that I would like to bring up… and to use colloquial terminology… the dear man is easy to wind up and I do. The fact of the matter is that I am half Jewish on my Mothers side but Sage accuses me of having issues regarding the Jewish people. This of course is untrue in its entirety. I love to see Sage in a state of wide eyed confusion… my attitude is based on the old saying ‘laugh and the world laughs with you’. Well, I got that wrong didn’t I. But if it were so we would be in a much better place. Sadly, it seems that the truth is laugh and the world laughs at you. I amLaurence of Arabia too long in the tooth these days to care less… it’s not as though anyone wants to give me a blow job anymore, so who am I trying to impress. Anyway, enough of my dwindling capacity in areas of possible decadent activities.

What I was trying to say was that Sage become very upset when I referred to the gay fraternity as bug chasers. Now to me, there is a certain something about that terminology that makes me smile… this of course is if you are not searching for reasons not to… but Sage got all high and mighty, hot and bothered and threatened to withdraw my fee.

Truth be told, I think Sage is the bug Chaser in this sorry tale, this little booklet of life and its colours… and that’s why he gets so cross and agitated. I also think Sage has German tendencies and certainly wont admit to that side of his nature… that is why he has such an issue with Black music and the male member. Personally I think he is one of those idiotic reactionaries who blames the Jews for killing Christ… which of course is utter puerile nonsense, for as we all know, it was God who had Christ killed…he is the joker in the pack in this story. Having his own son killed just to make a point… and he wanted Abraham to do the same in the Old Testament… the bounder that he is. Not very God like, but then again what do I know…

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