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164. Rasta don’t work for no CIA-But uncle Thomas Does!

Posted on: July 6th, 2013 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hello William Hague cartoon ladies and gentlemen. I will not dither as the world seems to be in a very precarious situation people are concerned and are worried about the future. They are rising up they are tired of the lies and the manipulation they are scared that there children will go with out food, health care, education, legal aid, and love as public money seems to be handed over to the private sector the rich white men are still running a mock. Now if you are a capitalist then this is all fine, the death of brown people and our own poor and working class is not a problem it’s just the way of things a wee bit of collateral damage hurt no one eh?  The new American century is upon us and all hell is breaking loose, whistle blowers and direct action activists all try to do their bit, but are they double agents are they part of the ministry of dis information mis management and confusion? Who is paying who to do the bidding of whoever? Who to trust? Everyone seems to have an opinion they blame the Poles, the Bulgarians or the Romanians, and if it not that lot its the Muslims or the benefit scroungers, or the nurses and the doctors, its the chavs, its the blacks, it everyone but the man in the mirror and some still blame Michael Jackson, for what I am still not sure. Arms deals are taking place all over the globe and the British are guilty of this and have been since the second world war and David Stirling.

Mr David Stirling has blood on his hands what with his military and SAS training, his mercenary work in the Middle East, and his undermining of the Trade Unions in Britain, he let the dog out of the kitchen and now there is shit all up the hallway.

Are we going to go to war with Syria? Is North Korea a threat? Has the health Service been privatised? Has legal Aid been demolished? Has duty of care been scrapped?  Does David Cameron hate the Negro? Is Richard Branson a vile cunt? Should Jeremy Clarkson be hung from the Tyburn Tree? Is Boris Johnston a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a bumbling idiot fascist? Why is Trenton Oldfield being threatened with deportation? Is he an inside man? Is he filling up the news for to cover up another agenda? Is Edward Snowdon a distraction? Should I be afraid? Is he a good man or is this a double bluff? I mean what the hell is going on? Who is the evil empire? Are we responsible for climate change? Or is it just happening? Who has all the military might? Who are the bullies of the world and always have been? Who is chopping down the rain forests? Who is the only country to use have used the atom bomb? Are they now breaking up the social welfare state in Britain because they don’t fear a revolution in this country anymore, like they did when the cold war was at its height and socialism still had teeth?  Was the welfare state created to placate the British people while the Russians were the threat of the day all to prevent a commie up rising?  Why did they keep showing Lee Rigbys murder on the news? Is the Queen of England the devil? Is Ian Duncan Smith proving to the world that we should not have underestimated the determination of a  quiet man? As he rips up the welfare state like a mad bald dog. And what of Tory boy William Hague who has finally got his hand on the lever of power? And is Judo throwing his way across the globe- revenge is a dish best served cold eh William? Cold like dead children victims of drones. And what of David Cameron who would have been pleased to lynch Nelson Mandela all those years ago and Thatcher who called Mandela a terrorist?

Then we hear about the spying on the public, emails and all that nonsense, prism and all that bollocks. Is it all about baby steps so as to complete the paradigm shift that put us all in corporate shackles?  Thatcher said her greatest achievement was Tony Blair and now we have a government that seems even more ruthless as they inch closer  towards the end game of total capitalism and control. You’re either with them or against them, and I stepped off their train a long time ago, I don’t think I was ever truly on it, I mean to say I always found Mountbatten to be an arse .

“Well you saw the news, you saw that big black man covered in blood, we have to protect you, we have to spy on you, it’s for your own safety. You all saw the Boston Bombings you saw what happened in Woolwich. We have to keep you safe. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.”

I tell you this is, anyone who says  to you- “you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide!” poke them in the eye, then kick them in the testicle for they are your enemy. We live in a pathetic country where people turn grass and spy on their own people. 90%  of the media are whores and deserve death, they are vile disgusting creatures who dwell in fecal matter, they are cowards and racists and  slaves to the white elite. Demonising the poor, the uneducated, the different, the cripples, the sick,  the youth, the black, the working class, the unemployed, the foreign, they have no empathy, no compassion and they have the masses act the same. I would like to see Fleet Street burn even though its not the home of the industry as such but symbolically it would mean something. I would like to see Piers Morgan burn, in-fact I would enjoy seeing him get the Colonel Gaddafi treatment, a nice blade right up his anus as he is dragged through the streets of London. I would like to see Andrew Neal burn, starting with his wig. I would like to see the Daily Mail and all its staff burn. I would like to see “The Sun newspaper” go up in smoke, and the fucking Guardian. I say destroy Eton and all those who believe it is their god given right to rule, it’s time to destroy those who think they are better because of birthright or a bought title. Destroy the balding prince and his soon to be off spring and everything they stand for.

I say destroy all those vile athletes that won races at the Olympics, the big corporate audition for the advertising companies. Jessica Ennis as beautiful a body as she may have she is another vile whore as is Lewis Hamilton and that dull Irish golfer prick as they all do their work for Santander. They disgust me-you all disgust me, as you perpetuate this fucking reality born out of death, genocide, war, greed, theft, rape,racism, lies, propaganda, and pillage, go fuck yourselves.

I told you in the very first episode of my interviews many years ago now with Sage Macorkadale that I am a liberal thinker at heart, truth is I am a humanist for I have seen the death and destruction carried out by this elite. I know that the politics they deal in is “bottom line politics” and we all know what the bottom line is.

So let me say, let me get to the point I’ve been trying to make- it was me who pushed Trenton Oldfield into the Thames leave him  alone, it was a joke and now he has been threated with deportation and I feel terrible. I mean for Christ sake his girlfriend is pregnant he must stay and do the honorable thing and bring up his child and change the nappies. So if you want to blame anyone for Trenton upsetting the cunt filled elite circle jerk boat race blame me. It was I who pushed him in, I thought it would be funny and now look what has happened. So bring it on, you know where I am, and who I am. I am Colonel Cuthbert Crabtree Smythe and I live at Cardinal Cap alley you fucks, and like I have said before make a move on me,  it will be the last move you make, for it will be  you in the fucking Thames.

To sum up then we can as individuals only follow our nose but if we try to get our own house in order with out always looking over the garden fence, suspicious of our neighbors but instead find the goodness and kindness and empathy within ourselves and then we will soon very quickly discover who is trying to fuck us up with the butt without any kj jelly. Know yourself know the world, love yourself, love the world.

F or it is when you do not know your true self that you blame every other fucker for your misery and point in time. Let yourself go, give it up, and get in tune with others, don’t let this governance dictate how you perceive the world. Remember there are between 70 to 80 million souls in Britain alone which means there are 70 to 80 million different stories everyday and you’re going to allow the one story that has been picked by the media, with an agenda, on any given day, to dictate how you view the world and people, you buy it hook line a sinker. For if that is the case you are a fuck wit and you are well and truly plugged in, and you will believe that your own parents are the enemy if they tell you so. Get the fuck out of here you dunce.

It’s time to trust in yourself, and your neighbor, and stop buying into an agenda that wants you in chains that wants you on your knees sucking the big fat private corporate cock.

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