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47. Orsonwellian Nightmare

Posted on: June 21st, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 4 Comments

The inability of this government to keep the nations data secure is astounding. I said to Alistair Darling ‘what will happen if this information was to get into the hands of the Polish?’

george-orwell-cartoonIf they were to come over here they would know everything about us. They would know where all the jobs were or were not and they would kill off all our homegrown plasterers, bricklayers and painters. It would be like the Premiership – no English workers. And what would happen if the Nigerians got hold of our nations information? They would be giving us parking tickets at night while we slept! And what if the Muslims were to get hold of the nations information? Yes they would know everything about us… they would say ‘Look! these people have got DNA!’ It’s a worry. Indeed I’m very concerned if the Muslims got hold of our nation’s DNA information what would we do? They could terrorize our nation’s gene pool information and could blame us for the bombing of a station – a set up!

It could be worse if our own government had control of all of our information across the nation at the station… Oystercard information, total sublimation and subliminal masturbation across this nation. It would be a dangerous situation and a lot of aggravation and insubordination across this crowded nation, no less, creation-creating!

I tell you a police state of fear. More fear, an atmosphere of fear… reverse fear… cover up. Everything is fear. The Islamic fear of Christmas and the Christian fear of Ramadan. Oh no, all the information has gone missing we need to change the information that would cripple this nation… shut down everything to stop a dangerous situation! I mean Orwell was right, yes Orwell was right all along. I mean, he said ‘you know these Muslims are going to come over here and cause problems and the Jews will do the same. Faith schools separate the nation causing an awkward situation’. As will the Poles and the Nigerians… yes we will have cameras everywhere creating the illusion of control, peace and harmony and we will have African traffic wardens selling crack to our children. Creating a tribal inflammation in this nation leaving us in a state of afflicted alienation. I can just see it now, the Jews will be selling heroin to our mad cows and olde age pensioners… crystal meth to our sick birds… it will be like Lebanon.

But Ian Wright will be there, he will stick up for us. I can see it now- he will shout out from the top of a hill – ‘Go back to your own fucking countries’. That is what he will say and we can (and will) hold Ian Wright up- Wrighty… up as a bastion of racial harmony as we hide behind our hero… dressed up in his chicken George outfit. As he spreads the Nick Griffin word and message-’go back to your own country’. And the liberals will retort – ‘You can’t say that because…’ and then they will see ‘Wrighty’ our black hero our own mask of Zoro of sorts and the image will blow their circuits. They will be saying ‘but he is black and he is telling them to go back to their own countries. He can’t do that for if he was a white person it would be regarded as a form of racism. But it is Wrighty the master of the football goal celebration- He does ‘Match Of The Day’ with those other two corporate toss pots Garry ‘The Crisp’ Lineker and the mad Scottish face of Morrisons Alan Hansen, not forgetting the master of wit Alan Shearer. The lefties won’t know which way to turn as undesirables are rounded up and sent packing to Alaska where the American military will re-house them like they did the native American.

orson welles cartoonSo all in all, it is said that Ian Wright can’t be a bad person, the face of Ladbrokes, the peoples champion.
It will be a wonderful day, a wonderful day. And Boris Yeltsin, Mayor of London, riding his bike, revolutionary fist in the air. Blonde hair flowing in the breeze like a mad homosexual Viking Prince with the horn. Everything will be wonderful. Yes, we will have a revolution and Boris will lead the singing, pissed as he always is. Do you hear the people sing? Singing the songs of angry men… it is a story of a people who will not be slaves again…

All this is thanks to dear sweet Alistair Darling and his can of worms no less-certainly no more-and he should be ashamed of himself, like he was Steve Maclaren. Or will Alistair Darling go down in history as a great British revolutionary… the man who shook things up like Orson Wells. Good olde Orson I say. He shook things up, he showed them what for, he was the one. I tell you, we should have listened to Orson the great man that he was. We would not have all the problems that are going on today in this country. Orson knew. Orson always knew and he told me : ‘One day you will know that I knew’Today is that day. I thank you Orson. I thank you with my head humbly held down as I look at my own toes in reverence to your memory. The great Orson- Orson, the third man, the wonderful-wonderful Orson Wells… Oh Orson-Orson Wells… oh Orson. But anyway enough of this fantasy and mere subterfuge and nonsense. It’s pirate material really and I now wait to be crushed by the jackboot of professed liberty..

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  1. Roy Vice says:

    ive seen the footage of Blair the mincer !!! and it really is shocking – and ive seen many filthly things but i was utterly stunned !!! ROY VICE

  2. Daniel says:

    Every time i come here I am not dissapointed, nice post

  3. Micahel says:

    Whats happening, I uncovered this web site by mistake when I was searching on Google then I popped in to your web site. I have to tell you that your web site is interesting I just love the theme! don

  4. haha this is brilliant first time iv ever come across it, i will definatly be back if all the posts are the same as this, “they will blame us for bombing a station” lol x

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