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9. Pol Pot

Posted on: January 20th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Pol PotBy the way, as you may be aware, my good friend Sage did induce me to tell a certain happening with regard my liaisons with the monster that was Pol-Pot the Cambodian Dictatorial Regimeist. There was another interesting aspect of our conversations that Sage, being Sage, didn’t pick up on (where is Frost when you need him?).

Anyway, it was when Pol Pot mentioned his passion for the ‘Good Life’ and his overwhelming feelings for Felicity Kendal… I say overwhelming but it was more than that. It was downright obsessive and it’s my fault because I happened to say, in a jocular manner, that she was a Virgin. That was it… and as you know, Dictators have absolutely no sense of humour. So I couldn’t take it back and this was how it became his life’s ambition to break her in… and as he put it… ‘to make her feel his Oriental pulsation’ and to this accord he devoted much time and money. I must find out where Felicity used to take her Holidays…well! You never know…

Felicity Kendall Sex DollOh yes another point to reiterate… as you may well know… I did take over the show one time. It was when Sage was called to sort out a lavatory problem…not his job but the backroom help was not available. I just sat down and everything was in place but where was Sage? I took the view that the show must go on and gave it my best shot as it were. Sage never did thank me… I think that he felt threatened by my prowess… that I stole his thunder as it were. I could be the new John Peel.

Iwould still like to know where that youth went who was cleaning with Sage. I know Lamb and Botham were in the building at time… you can never tell with those two… and if Botham brought his travelling barbeque…the truth is…I really should have checked the roof garden for signs of desecrate-tive activity and of course any discarded offal…Or maybe a discarded Transformer toy…

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