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15. Robbie Williams

Posted on: January 20th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Norman WisdomSage was in a better mood today and I felt that we were starting to get close again. Sadly it didn’t last for I did upset him when he felt I compared him to Robbie Norbert-Williams. All I said was that Robbie was (or is) a better singer than he was. And as I say, he got physical with me and pinned me up against the wall. It’s like I say; he may have questionable tendencies with regard his sexuality but he can still act like a man when he needs to. He is very powerful when he is angry like a big sweaty red Hulk. Anyway he did calm down when I offered him a Shiatsu massage…

Robbie WilliamsTalking of Robbie… He does love Norman Wisdom and is very upset that Norman is now in a nursing home. He does visit him from time to time and is known to give him a good back rub when he is there.We also discussed my love of music and my love of German composers and the film Apocalypse Now. I think Sage is in love with Hitler’s Foreign Policies for when we went for a day out at the Imperial War Museum for a look round The Holocaust Memorial part of the exhibition he was very cold about it. He said that the Jews should get over it because it was a long time ago.

Now there was a bad spin off to the days happenings. It was when I told my houseboy Abdul about my day out with Sage and the many brown shoes stuffed into glass cabinets. He said to me that there was no evidence to prove that the Holocaust ever took place. I had to retort and so I did. I told him that the evidence was apparent. The six million missing Jewish persons was enough proof for me… after all, I saw the IBM lists the punch card’s Himmler legacy to America… It would seem nothing seemed to appease Abduls distorted view point. So then I showed him the film footage of millions of Jewish persons being killed and experimented on. Still he wanted more evidence. So I showed him my own personal photographs of Jews being rounded up, beaten and raped by those with German tendencies…Nothing… He still said it was a Jewish conspiracy so that we all felt sorry for them so that they could justify holding onto Jerusalem and Israel and so they could justify a war against Palestine. So then I showed him the many confession tapes that I had personally filmed of X Nazi Officers who helped to kill the six million Jews…

Abdul just said they were made to say those things at gun point. Then I showed him the many tapes of Holocaust survivors who told many different stories in giving their account of events. All, as far as I can see, add up to the same logical answer: That Jews were killed in Nazi Germany as punishment for Germany losing the first world war and of course for the killing of Jesus… apparently. But Abdul was having none of it. He punched the wall and put on his full pack. It was at this point I asked him how is it that with the monumental amount of evidence that proves in no uncertain terms that the Jews were persecuted and killed in Nazi Germany you refuse to believe or accept this to have happened? Yet you (with no evidence) believe that an Angel called Gabriel was sent down by God and then spoke to a man called Mohammed. On the strength of this meeting he decided to form a new religion and call it Islam. Now, it would seem that the man was to be known as a prophet and the only proof that this happened was that Mohammed wrote down what the Angel had said to him. The point is; I don’t doubt that it did happen as Abdul believed. But as I say, this apparently, you have no problem believing. Well all I can say is, Abdul picked up a copy of The Bible and threw it at my head. He kicked the cat and went to the Mosque. All very confusing to a man such as me… especially as Sage kept going on about the end of days and redemption. I don’t know, I think you are all mentalists…

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