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Ron and Reg reunion

Posted on: September 11th, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Jackson Pollock cartoonBefore the new series begins next week, Ronnie and Reggie Kray enjoy a reunion. They discuss what a rubbish decorator Jackson Pollock was, cafes, Star Trek and Ron’s sexual preferences.


“Walking down olde Dean Street the green door calls my name,
“I will pour a drink for you and me my dear,”
but all the flesh has rotted now, its taken to the bone
and i salute them all with a shot of whiskey,
tryptic city flashing lights Soho in a doorway
really was a time once worth living.
Tin Pan Alley pistol street, fag street in Olde Compton
boozin every night it aint no pity.
Distorted faces flesh and bone,
shadows looming sickly green
blood on your schmutter and you`ve pissed on your toes
it doesn`t matter because that just how it goes.
41 Dean Street, 29 Greek Street,
49 Dean Street, 18 Greek Street.
These are the colors of the road
and love is the devil, when you cant let go.
Rolling down olde Greek street such a timeless dirty scene,
cider, bitter beer and a large whiskey,
gangsters wearing Saville Row and Violets on the phone,
its just a West End Soho state of mind.
Oil paint, satire, violence, and the communist manifesto
its a rough trade for boys who wont go home.
Gamblers on the pavement that punters in a hole
and if he dont pay what he owes he wont get old.
These are the colors of the road,
but love it the devil when you cant let go.”

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