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Royal scandals, summer songs

Posted on: August 29th, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Prince Philip cartoon caricatureBank holiday special… everyone is in shorts and the Colonel is drunk. He witters about taking drugs with the Royal family, his plan to take back India for the Empire and putting chilli peppers up the Kyber pass. There is a delightful summer song about self love and then the Colonel spews all over himself.”


We are all pirates,travellers and thieves
sailors and sinners gamblers, killers, and queens
and the world that we live in is chained to disease
while you hide behind your martyrs and kill for your kings
you presume you know what is meant by the word of god above
but silence is where truth is,and its nothing more than love.

I`ve got no time for your racist illusion
there will be compensation paid for the blood of our prophets,
never with violence because people die,that dont move us on
so hypocrites and pious men move aside right now,
(thats all of us!)
For im so sick and tired of your bullshit and your lies,
as you cover up and twist us and your happy when we are blind.

Living on the inside trying to get out
and now your living on the outside and your still in doubt,
a hungry man is an angry man,and an angry man might kill you
yes its all about control my friends so “shut up and stand in line!”
Hey that aint no philosophy boy thats living in disgrace
but my opinion dont mean nothing if my words are out of place.

Are we running out of time-trying to survive?
Yes sometimes you are paranoid,
but you know there is a poison going on. “

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