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122. A Stain On The Tapestry

Posted on: November 19th, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

It Simon Cowell cartoonwould appear to me that Sage at this time is much cleverer than he looks, why do I say this? Well I’m not sure, perhaps it’s the sense of unease that I feel when he walks into the room of late. I feel he is like Sir Percy Blakeney of Scarlet Pimpernel fame. Sage pretends to be all foppish, dashing and cool like he was Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy but underneath he is the devils strumpet, allow me to explain… the shorts for a start say so much to the well trained eye, I mean to say that it is a well known fact that in biblical circles the devil has absolutely no taste when it comes to covering up the physical body and clothing and that goes for his little helpers here on earth. I mean, look at Simon Cowell for one… what a tasteless cunt… or Adolf Hitler as another case in point… they just don’t get it. They have no style even with all the money in the world. But that is not to say that the Nazis had no style because I’m sure even the most staunch Jewish chap would concur to the fact that the Nazis looked pretty cool and fresh in a uniformed kind of way. A bit like Darth Vader and his storm troopers, but Hitler himself looked like a pratt and it’s one of many signs. Also ladies and gentlemen – be aware of the sweaty clammy hands of such people as you shake them they are like a frogs genitals to the touch.

Taking all this evidence into account and setting the devil profile up against Sage and let me say that his fur lined shorts are a dead giveaway i come to the conclusion that Sage like Hitler, Cowell, Kissinger, and the contemptible, distasteful, loathsome BT phone man Kris Marshall all have incarnated from the hells and if you don’t believe me just check the evidence, all have wet clammy hands, all have bad dress sense, all lower the standard of the earth and want to rule the world in there own particular devilish way. I mean to incarnate from one of the hells is bad enough but it’s your secret viewpoints that concern me Sage.

I mean to say that we as a nation should adopt racism as a motivator for the Asians who currently live in our multicultured society but don’t really get involved or muck in as it were is bad enough. However, to take the view that you want to motivate them out off their down-trodden point in time to get them out of the house, all this because you think that it will motivate them to get out of their ghettos and run like bats out of hell in the London Olympics… I say to you Sage it’s a sad state of affairs when it comes to this it really is. The worst of it is you have even suggested that because the religionists amongst them dislike and are scared almost faithless of dogs that we as a civilized nation should line the Asians up at the White City running track and let canines loose on them, you called it tough love, you said that that would soon get the robe wearing Mecca facing chaps fit and that it would motivate the Asian hoards to run in the Olympics and get involved with society. Using racism as a motivator – I ask you – how evil is that? Your true colors are showing Sage, it really is a stain on the tapestry of life dear boy. I say leave the Asians to their curry houses, corner shops, mosques, temples, kabadi, and cricket match fixing if they don’t want to get involved with the London Olympics that’s their choice. If they don’t like dogs because that fear is bred into there culture, who am I to say they are wrong? You’re a racist pig Sage. One minute it’s chasing people around running tracks using dogs as the motivator the next it’s rounding up undesirables and sending them down the line. Is Sage not aware of the contribution Asian folk have made to this country medically, artistically, musically, so on and so forth? And don’t forget the Asian cuisine of curry the world famed Ruby Murray that has now arguably become our national dish, and to be fair it was only Sage who argued that fish and chips was Britain’s number one dish and that anyone who disagreed was a traitor.

B efore I leave you to contemplate, one thing that was gleaned from my interview with Sage was that it came to light that various religious groups Christian, Muslim, and Catholic were suggesting that all the natural disasters of the world where in fact gods wrath, God’s punishment for sinners. Hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment to the gays, the tsunami in Thailand was punishment to all infidels who slept with hookers, and the earthquake in Haiti was God punishing the Haitians for the sins of their past. Then Pakistan got hit with floods and I’m sure if one adopts a fundamental way of thinking, god was punishing the Muslims too, for what? I suppose not liking Jesus.

W hat a load of olde toss! For a start, what an ass this God sounds… a right royal prick of a god, a vengeful, vindictive slag of a god. All I can say on this subject is that I just hope that all the recent natural disasters that have occurred on our planet in Haiti, Pakistan, and USA where ever, whenever… Let’s just hope that they make us as human beings realize that we are all one race, one community, and that we need each other desperately and without each other we are nothing but sick, lost, and confused. So, if one can accept that we are sick and can also accept the proposition that religion is what is making us ill, and is a mental retardant and that religious people have a retarded nature and on this premise or principle perhaps we could involve them in a eugenics programme and try to cure them of there idiocy, selfishness and wishful thinking and if no cure can be found and they refuse to accept logic, reason and spiritual science then we push the exit button and really free our world of its main retardant that being religion.

All I really want to say on this matter is that it is the poor in this world that have more in common with each other, the have nots, so stop allowing the powers that be and the media to split us up into little groups based on religion, sexuality, creed, color, schools, housing estates, and projects, we are the people, we are the world, not those fucks at the top of the pyramid who set out to confuse and bewilder.

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