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157. The World Is An Elitist Swag Bag

Posted on: December 12th, 2012 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Ask anybody Donald Trumpwho has nothing in terms of what the operating system deems as nothing and they will tell you,”I don’t want what is on offer because what is on offer is a load of old bollocks, lies, and illusion a white world run mad!” The industrial revolution gone askew, empires, imperialism genocide, slavery, propaganda, atom bombs, despots, dictators, rape, pillage, concentration camps gulags in two words “cancerous destruction.”

Yes and I know this Ive sat at the round table ive seen King Arthur’s swinging prick and its all a bit overrated my good people. As an old man I find myself disgusted by the world we live in and the people that run it.

A world where economics and Capitalism out weighs any other concerns about what is going on -on the planet or otherwise.

Look at the heroes of the culture- retards one and all -maggots and vermin- vile destructor’s of mind and spirit. David Beckham,Columbus, Donald Trump, Alan Sugar,The Royal Family and I’m not talking Caroline Ahernes sitcom The Dragons Den so on and so forth we all have our shopping list. I mean for crying out loud how long are we gonna keep this shit up for. This business as usual bullshit this “white war cry” that worships materialism, fascism, police state-ism and the economy. We live in a society where the rich and powerful the entitled and the pretentious the ones who have it all but still want more have the poor blame the poor so the poor get fucked some more,and don’t get me started on the feckless middle class.

I can not believe how thick people are, how brainwashed they are, how easy they follow, bunch of conditioned ball less soulless wankers-”The Genius Of The Crowd!” never a truer poem written. I am no bleeding heart environmentalist or liberal washboard worker but people are very dumb they are giving it all up there own freedom there own life they give up hand it over to the Elite for nothing. All without a fight. They have just bent over parted there own bottom cheeks and primmed there own holes for the white cock of death. Just so they can have a new improved mobile phone or some cheap plastic shit from China. I for one am tired of it, it actually makes my skin itch, gives me gut ache, makes my nose twitch in readiness to hunt down these maggots and thats all they are my good people- maggots-Oh to hunt them down and kill them. Like you would if you had an infestation in your kitchen cupboard, you would kill them… you wouldn’t let them destroy the whole kitchen and let them have the house. Would you? One person on this planet who needs going over with a fine tooth comb is Donald Trump… the man is King Maggot, King of white thinking, but he is no more as I say than a maggot. His children are maggots the people who look up to him are maggots Alex Salmond is a Scottish maggot and should be tried for sedition for what he has allowed to happen in Scotland… allowing the maggot Trump to trample over free people. Fuck golf it’s a shit game anyway. My point is we have allowed maggots to rule the roost we have allowed maggots to destroy who we are. To steal our land to make us pay tax to take away all our freedoms and we thank them for it,and wave our flags in celebration.

The Spawn Of Legion

I believe that certain elements in our society would laugh at a bunch of grapes if Simon said they were funny.
I say burn, burn in hell you square headed ponce, yes you will get yours!
If I did not believe that the man was the spawn of legion, I would be better off six feet under myself, oblivion!
This is just one man’s point of view my dears, for I know not a body wants my picture tattooed on their arse!
But what I would ask is are their many others out there choking, choking on this farce on the dead flesh of mediocrities degrading fist?
A fist that enters you and churns and turns your inner being inside out until the milk of human kindness is turned sour into a hateful need.
The need to want to kill the infidelic multitudes who allow themselves to be duped and downgraded raped and pillaged.
To be duped like homophobic right wing Christians or anti human Islamic fundamentalists.
Much like the inane X Factor junkies, that brigade of pathetic non plus brain dead Zombies who scream and shout as the idiot board decrees,on que like the soulless twerps that they have become.
To be duped like the lost children of Israel who pack themselves with hate.
All guided by armchair prophets. It’s VIRGIN on the ridiculous (couldn’t resist)

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