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36. Tastless joke

Posted on: May 12th, 2008 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe 3 Comments

Defaced memoirsNow I have lived a long, distinguished and active life as you my good souls are well aware by now. But never in the history of my great and wonderful days have I been insulted in the way Roger Agogo did recently. As you are well aware of by now my friends, my book ‘Aspects of a Born Leader’ has been defiled with a great big black penis that Agogo had Photoshopped on to the cover. Sage said that I was being racist. The fact is a white penis would have been lost on the white cover. If you were to the see the great beast of a penis on the front of my book instead of me you would understand my concern in this regard. And now it has just come to light that four hundred copies of my book have been stolen by Nigerian Postal workers and they have just started appearing (penis and all) in certain Pakistani Newsagents and Regent’s Park Islamic Bookshops… Not on!

Why Agogo has singled me out I don’t know. Sage thinks it’s to do with my imperial past. A large black penis on ‘Aspects of a Born Leader’ (my wonderful book)… Well it’s ridiculous in its very nature and I fail to fathom the symbolism. Another point of consideration is the Pakistani and Nigerian connection. It’s hard to fathom… I have not in any way shape or form seen them together. I mean a tribesman in full regalia and a mad Mullah… Not the stuff of deep and meaningful friendships. I mean the Nigerian does not even play cricket. So why are they liaising with the sale of my desecrated memoirs? I sense a conspiracy and I bet Sage is behind it. I didn’t put it together at the time but during the Post Office strike Sage seemed to be the only person with letters in his possession. And when asked why he had so many letters on him he said that they came by First World War pigeons. So like I say, it all fits into place now because Roger Agogo was in the building at the time. I feel Sage wants to bring me down…

As Nick Griffin cartoonyou all know by now my dear fans, Sage apologized to the Woolmers for a tasteless joke at a very sensitive time for the whole family. But I get a sense that he has inferred that the joke in question was made up by me. Well all I can say in my own defence is that the tasteless joke referring to Bob slaying was sent by mobile phone and it originated from the mobile of that tasteless bounder Philip Schofield… He is nasty piece of work is Schofield.

And another point to be made regarding Sage’s whiter than white persona. Someone should ask him why he is hiding his Nick Griffin Annual under a copy of the latest Jordan (a.k.a. Katie Price) literal masterpiece? I must also say that I have been invited on Katy’s show to put my side of the story.

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    I cut Mosley in a street fight once…Nice

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