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117. Tourettes all round

Posted on: October 10th, 2010 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Rupert Murdoch cartoonIt would appear to me that Sage is getting a little too extreme in his views, especially when one talks about personal freedom. When it comes to it, Sage thinks that to have close circuit television cameras on every corner of our city streets and microphones up every lamp post is a good thing. I have to say Sage was heard to say by Faye Featherlite that “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” he then called Big Brother the “supreme protector” and that with all the troubles in the world ‘the powers that be’ need to know what’s going on as it were… his words not mine, naive to the end I say, naive to the extreme. So I said to him, ‘please Sage don’t talk nonsense and if you want to really get down to the nitty gritty perhaps we should have cameras in your Hampstead home – then we can expose how you treat your Filipino housekeeper, the constant verbal abuse you throw her way when she makes the most mundane of mistakes’. It is said that Sage has stolen her passport so that she cannot leave the house nor the country. He pays her a pittance and gives her the scraps from the dinner table to eat. Food that is not even fit for a dog to consume and worse than that he has provided her with an olde lilo that he has put under the stairs for her to sleep on. This is made worse by the fact that the blanket she uses to keep warm on winter nights is no more than an olde kitchen curtain with a floral design. He talks about having nothing to hide… my arse Sage!… my arse! And don’t get me wrong, in a certain reality we all have something to hide, but none more than the so called self righteous liberal middle class toss pots that treat people like shit and then hide behind the law that they can afford to use… Yes I am talking about Sage Macorkadale and the diplomatic spastics who have immunity who treat people as chattel… it is a disgrace and you revenge heads want to send dope smokers to prison while you’re all snorting copious amounts of cocaine out of a rent boys butt crack, bunch of hypocritical bastards is all I can say.

Iremember trying to explain to Sage that I don’t fear for myself, it’s my children I fear for. Normal human interaction will be sadly diminished to such a point that we will all be waiting for Davina Maccall to address the nation over some sort of Tannoy speaker system telling us to grass on our neighbors, telling us all to become a nation of Bertie Smalls. Forget Orwell and Huxley it’s Rupert Murdoch and his media Blitzkrieg Sun-Fox hunt that we should worry about… I hate and despise the fact that people worry how other people get by and live their lives…. how people survive… I say “ fuck off and mind your own business – you chose your way of life so shut up and live your life – don’t worry about me.”
Bloody hot lines for the public to tell tales on their fellow citizens so that they can be caught, processed and sent to the Gulag or compassion camp… or worse – mircrochipped and sent to work in Cost Cutter for less than minimum wage. Talk about Stalinism giving pathetic, nosey, enslaved people a taste of state power. Meanwhile the nanny state tells us how to live our lives, the point about all this is I think that Sage wants to be one of the controllers he wants to climb the pyramid of power, he wants to chuck people out of there homes, cut their benefits and send them to the work camps on push bike sheds. He wants us all to be like that politico-monkey George Galloway and behave like imbeciles because Big Brother tells us to; it’s a cat trap if you pardon the pun.

Moving on but staying on point – for I feel i must… and once again I am forced to bring attention to the English Defense League, a league that was born out of Muslim types being disrespectful to our brave fighting boys even though they are fighting for the wrong people but nevertheless our military should be treated with a certain respect in my most humble dignified opinion. Look my good people… the thing is that the multi racial collective known as the E.D.L are portrayed as racists and bullies, I say no to that allegation they are not racist nor are they bullies they are frustrated, bewildered, angry, enslaved, and confused they are pawns in the game. Yes! Pawns in a game that is so much more than their tiny little Daily Mail educated brains can even begin to grasp, so no they are not racists or bullies… they are people trying to break out of a mental prison and yes they are anti Muslim, but Islam is not a race, it is a religion. I myself can become a Muslim should I choose to do so and as my son Matthew has done so… but like I say, Matthew was always a bit of a retard. I say racist? “no” anti retarded religion? “yes”. Now that is reasonable enough in my book but then again my book allows for free thinking, reason, logic and spiritual science. I ask is Richard Dawkins a bigot or a racist? Not on your nellie Sage, is Christopher Hitchens a racist or a bully? No again, would be the correct answer, is Abu Hamza a racist and a bully “Yes” would be the answer and finally is Nick Griffin a racist and a bully “yes” would be the answer… I have personally seen him nipple tweak Nigerian traffic wardens.

My point is this: these boys and girls black, white, brown, or yellow are good eggs dumbed down to their knees… bored out of there gourds, frustrated and confused. And let us pose the question why? Why are they frustrated with the Muslims? All day every day since September 11th, we, they, us, have been told that the war on terror is serious and that Muslims are the enemy and that they want to kill us and they want a world wide Islamic State controlled by Sharia Law. Then we had the London bombs on the 7th of the 7th 2005 and the rhetoric was ramped up further. These kids are told it was a Muslim attack that the Muslims are out to get them, to kill them, to kill their families, to destroy their way of life. Then they are asked to join the military to fight Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq then we are told the Muslims here in Great Britain want to kill us and destroy our way of life, and the propaganda machine rolls on, filling their heads, our heads with fear and anti Muslim sentiment. I mean how do you expect people to react? And when they do react in the only way they know how, you the media pretend you don’t like what you see and give us sensationalistic story lines. It’s then that the manipulative media castigate and humiliate them for fighting back, yes when people verbally engage with the so called enemy of liberty and freedom they are branded bigots and racists.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are a fair few members of the public who are utterly retarded, thick, uneducated, ignorant, and stupid. In fact I will go so far and put my neck on the line here and say a large majority of people have slave mentality, sheep consciousness, red button fever and we have places put aside for them such as The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Pop Idol. But if you are going to fill peoples heads with fear, fear, fear, don’t be surprised if they go fucking crazy and then even more crazy when you castigate and mock them for reacting in the only way they know how, they may not be articulate but that does not mean to say that they don’t have feelings, fears and opinions on certain subjects that deserve to be listened to. They are human beings, free thinking sentient beings that have been bludgeoned into inertia and stupidity by a system of control.

The Media is a vile sick propaganda machine with sinister media moguls doing the bidding of men in the shadows selling a storyline of hate, fear, and stuff of nonsense that rips through people like a hot knife through butter and I say “death to the infidel, death to those vile white scum bags who run this planet and want to split us up and have us hate and kill on each other, fuck you!” So lets be honest, the real threat to our way of life is not Muslims it is the Oil companies and corporations who own the media and the C.E.Os who set the agenda and the politicians who carry out the deed who are turning our planet into a fucking mental prison. Free trade=slavery, news speak propaganda, Nazis with a smile… come on people sing it with me, “I’m loving it!“

Allow me to finish up here with one final point while I am on a roll: how would you like it Sage if you were a vegetarian and the powers that be ask you to work in McDonalds or you wouldn’t get your dole money? “Oh we’re sorry David Cameron and Ian Duncan-Smith say there is no dole anymore, no welfare state… it’s the big society at work, you all work for the state!”

It’s just work for a bed and a bowl of gruel, well you go and work at that fucking place, not everyone is riff-raff coning the state, there are some people who work every day, not getting paid, song writers, painters, poets, actors, writers so on and so forth, people trying to get their first novel published or their first album cut or paintings commissioned or maybe they just cant find work and they try but we don’t make anything in this country anymore so jobs are hard to come by.

Like I say, people on benefits are not all lazy sods watching the retard box all day because it is you the politicians that have created a “dead poets society”. What about the living ones I say? Art is a dirty word today, and as we all know mediocrity rules the roost. How would an out of work Beethoven fair in this pretentious ‘I’m all right’ artless social order? Give Melvin Bragg another prize, am I being facetious? Maybe but people like to be entertained and it’s normally the poor who are the entertainers until they make a few squids, but until that day it’s a battle to survive. So I, Colonel Crabtree-Smythe, propose an entertainment tax to be paid annually that must be paid by all those in high society to help support the new up and coming artists this will enable art to prosper in a world that desperately needs it, in a world that needs self expression not state and corporate control. That said I reiterate the point that people need to break free and think for themselves and if they don’t realize that they are just fodder cattle, chattel and Orwellian clichés then fuck em. It’s survival of the fittest, Darwinism in action, human nature is animalistic, and survivalistic no matter how much we pretend otherwise in our clinical middle class utopia.

Point is the intelligent Jews got out of Germany before it was too late.

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