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129. Twin Towers, illustionists and film makers

Posted on: April 23rd, 2011 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Paul Daniels cartoonIt seems to me that Sage doesn’t understand the nature of illusion, he said that “people like David Copperfield the American illusionist are tricksters,” his words not mine, he says that “the real trick is not a trick at all it’s mass hypnosis,” he inferred that the whole free world was under the hypnotic spell of the Jewish conspirator Copperfield. I say that is a crass and unbending attitude, a slur on the Jewish nation as a whole, Sage says that the Twin Towers are actually still there and that we are all spellbound by the great illusionist that is Copperfield who made us believe by merit of his great genius that Muslims flew two passenger planes into the huge structures, all this so we the west can justify a war with the Muslim world.

It is said that Copperfield in turn takes his orders from Paul Daniels, who in turn is manipulated by the hideous Islamist hater and pro Israel activist and fan of the Zionist occupation government Debbie McGee. Now Debbie is very powerful in Israel it is said that she can have any man she wants as rewards for her efforts but by her own admission Paul Daniels fulfills all her needs and wants.

Another aspect of Sages extreme views regarding the Arab Israeli conflict is his distorted sense of fun, the fact that Mel Brooks can find humour in the awful propagandist film, “The Eternal Jew” and Sage can’t shows Sage’s lack of invention for he Sage that is described the remake of “The Eternal Jew” as an affront to humanity. Truth is if any of the films were an affront to humanity it was the original film not the comic remake!

Like I said on air – I enjoyed the remake for I found the original by Joseph Goebbels to be a little biased, a bit too pro German for my taste. But I have no problem with a bit of satire a bit of rib poking to lighten the mood. How do you think I get through my day! Allow me to add – for I’m no stranger to Jewish violence as I was shot at while in Palestine in 1946 – I was also present when the Kind David Hotel was bombed in Jerusalem by a militant underground Zionist organisation… 91 people were killed and nearly 50 injured and I was called a Nazi by a Jewish chap who for my troubles told me “to go home,”… point is we all have our crosses to bear Sage, and I’m always willing to have a laugh at there expense and I thank Mel Brooks in this regard…

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