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161. Whistle Your Way To The Top…

Posted on: April 20th, 2013 by Colonel Crabtree-Smythe No Comments

Hellothatcher is dead
ladies and gentlemen, here or there we have it my little pumpkin seeds the Pope resigns, Jimmy Saville is no more, and Thatcher has finally kicked the proverbial, and what has changed? Nothing, for everything that they stood for still lives and breathes. It is a holy trinity of abuse and disregard for those that need love and care. Advantage is taken and perhaps we are all guilty as our own personal bias rises to the surface for we wish to protect our own and in some cases kill for it. This is no matter for that is not my point all I wish to say is that unless we change for the positive nothing will change and the demons will continue to run wild like the whores of Babylon and the Knights of the round table. We will continue to be shunted from pillar to post like the Jews of Auschwitz or the African slaves or the Aborigines of the antipodes or the poor working classes who were sent to their death in the trenches in France with no regard as they were mutilated in no mans land, “not to worry they were only peasants.”

We will continue to blame those who are not to blame while propping up a system that has it all and wants more and would kill you, wipe you out soon as look or listen to you. Greed and dehumanisation will continue to be the water mark for a society that destroys as it plunders and rips from its own flesh and bleeds like a dying warrior on the beach of its own creation. So don’t talk to me about politics and rights and wrongs for its all a shit storm, a wank in a tea cup, a dead fish on a cats platter, it is a dull game played by duller people who have no understanding of the soulless operating system that they have created and revel in.

I am Colonel Cuthbert Crabtree Smythe and I know these things as I have done their bidding. I have bought into the game I have even propped up there system,fought for it stomped on the head of “The Mahatma”tried to drown the fucker in salt but I am now too old in the tooth to be concerned with not being truthful as the ponce Cameron and his limp wristed slap headed elitist gang of wet thugs wish to cripple, rape, and destroy the lives of people who only want to live out their lives in peace.

Britain is a conditioned shit hole where people don’t seem to think or even know how. People don’t analyse,what is going on? Their own fear and terror for their own pathetic life allows the genocide of others all over the world to continue. If you stand with the bullies of the world I stand against you and trust me I know my way round a battle field and I don’t put up with soppy boys from Eton who think they know what life is about.

So if its conflict you want Cardinal Cap Alley is where I am, come armed, come in numbers, for I will destroy you, crush you drive you into the Thames. Then it will be tea and scones in evening before a big slap up dinner in a fine restaurant for as the wonderful Francis Bacon once put it ” Champagne for my real friends, Real pain for my sham friends!” and hair line Cameron had better be on the watch because I have a cork pointed right at his bald spot. The little worm that he is,the little mummies boy will be forced to assume the position and Madame Guillotine may make an appearance.

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps and look at the bunch of white thinking tossers our Prime Minister runs with and don’t get me started on that Uncle Tom in the White house. They have had a good run but I say it is now time to cut the chord that binds and run a new operating system one based on compassion, love, and empathy and if not, well the abuse will continue. Your Choice! Its always has been.

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